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ONE NIGHT STAND releases full line-ups

Playing at the three DC10 dates.

News has finally landed about ONE NIGHT STAND. We already knew that the Game Over party was set for three thrilling dates at DC10 on Fridays - two with Carl Cox and the last being a special birthday celebration. Now the full picture is revealed.

Looking first at the line-up for 12 July, the big names joining Coxy at DC10 include Apollonia member Dan Ghenacia. Sonja Moonear and Margaret Dygas are the other two stand-out names.

Cocoon family members Fabe and Cesar Vinzent are two further names on the bill. Other faces we recommend checking out are new fabric resident Voigtmann and garage-leaning Harry Luderman.

A month later, we reconvene at DC10 with Carl Cox and friends on 9 August. Three names returning from last year's series, tINI, Enzo Siragusa and Burnski are all invited back again.

Game Over regulars iO (mulen), Isbel and Jeremy Weeks are also set to play, while it's Shonky's turn to make an appearance from the Apollonia camp. Be sure to catch wax-loving Romanian duo Vinyl Speed Adjust, too.

Most interesting to us is Fatboy Slim listed under his given name Norman Cook. He and Carl go back a long way - from their Brighton hometown to the shores of the White Isle. Here's hoping that Norman will dig deep and playing an old school house set on the day.

Finally, Game Over celebrates its third birthday at the closing on 20 September. No Coxy this time around, but enough heavyweight additions to compensate. Dyed Soundorom is the last of the Apollonia trio to get his call-up, while Rossko from FUSE also drops by.

Better Lost Than Stupid - the three-piece consisting of Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace and Martin Buttrich - returns for another of their legendary sets at DC10.

Vatos Locos' Hector and Frenchman Traumer are two more names, while Dutch VBX duo Spokenn is back after a memorable warm-up for Coxy last summer.

These DC10 dates were already amongst the most attractive dates of the summer - even more so now that we know the full details. You can count on us to be at all three. Check out the full line-ups below.

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