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Cocoon continues at Benimussa Park

Tuesday afternoon in the open-air.

On Tuesday 28 May from 16:00 until "late," Sven Väth returns to Benimussa Park with Cocoon In Benimussa Park for the first time since 2016. Carrying on from the night before, it continues its 20th anniversary with a proper open-air bash.

Breaking with tradition, details are already out.

Just this past week, Sven Väth and Johannes Goller certainly had much to say at IMS. When quizzed by Mixmag's Ralph Moore about which Cocoon after party from the last few years Sven has the fondest memories of, he didn't skip a beat in answering.

The special one was three years ago with the African theme at Benimussa Park. That was a very special after-hours.”

Indeed, we have our own cherished memories from that highlight in a sea of highlights. Thankfully, it seems we don't have to wait too long for a repeat, as Team Cocoon makes its first official after party announcement.

Not that we're complaining - plenty of notice means that dedicated Cocooners can start making plans - especially since the location is favoured by fans as much as it is by Sven himself.

This one promises to be a magical combination and the ideal carry-on from Monday night's Grand Opening at Amnesia on 27 May.

Although Cocoon guarantees a good party whenever and wherever it goes, there is something particularly special about these daytime outdoor events.

Island favourites Keep On Dancing host the living room with DJs still to be announced, while Sven will be doing an all day long session on the Tree House stage.

There we have it, three Cocoon parties in the space of four days - quite the statement to kick off the 20th anniversary. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come. Back to the conference, Johannes was tight-lipped but hinted at more surprises in store. Judge for yourself.

Blue Marlin, DC10 and… a few more. We are working on it! There will be a few more.

Want to be a part of the magic? Pick-up tickets below. We'll see you at Benimussa if we don't see you at Ushuaïa or Amnesia first.

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