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Dinner on a different level at STK Ibiza

The Ibiza outpost of this global brand caters for a young crowd with a mix of great food, an electric atmosphere, entertainment and fun.



Why go? For a combination of great food and an electric atmosphere

What kind of food is it? American steakhouse with a classy makeover

Who is it for? Girls and boys who wanna have fun

Can anyone go? It's not for a quiet, romantic date -it's more high energy trip out

Best table? The booths in the main lounge for a top entertainment view


The venue

Arriving at STK Ibiza in our new Ibiza Spotlight car was a bit like arriving in a limo, albeit a hybrid energy-saving one. It feels like a place that you should get a limo to. We stepped out, had the valet take our car and wondered up to the line of people entering. Once inside there's an energy and excitement that's infectious.

The restaurant is a take on the traditional American steakhouse, though with a distinct touch of class. The almost club-like low lighting, booth-style tables, stylish modern decor and the luxury sparkle added to the menu are the main differences. Whatever ideas you have about dining out, STK Ibiza breaks the mould of the usual way of restaurants and adds in a big dollop of fun. Rather than just going for a meal, it's an experience with a delicious combination of food, music, drinks and entertainment done really well.

The ambience

It's a young crowd, mainly large groups of friends and collections of couples all out for a glamourous night out and adding palpable buzz to the atmosphere. The waiting staff is fun too and are all about you having the best time possible. Top house tracks are pumped out by the resident DJ and when the clock strikes ten, the entertainment begins with dancers and performers: girls in glittery outfits and on the night we went a (very good) Michael Jackson impersonator. As the night goes on, diners join in the action and everyone is dancing with each other. The place just rocks and it's almost impossible not to want to take part.

The food

We had an array of great food to share to try out some of the menu's top dishes. All the food is really, really tasty and its as top notch you can get for quality. We dug into the Lil' Brgs mini burgers, which are soft and succulent with a hit of truffle, a watermelon salad which was “veganised”, losing the cheese, which didn't show as this was still lovely, fresh and minty. The tuna tartare was out of this world on flavour and I certainly pretty much inhaled the succulent panzanella salad of heirloom tomato, bread,basil and olive oil. Could it get any better we thought?

That question was quickly answered with the arrival of the mains. Of course, being a steakhouse we had a steak, a tender sirloin from prize cattle, then a slab of Norwegian salmon in a champagne sauce. Plus we had some lovely sides of sauteed mushrooms, tomato salad and a really delicious mac and cheese. Plus, so gorgeous we asked for more, parmesan truffle chips, fat sticks of fried potato enlivened with the cheese and flavoured oil. It was all really quite delicious, simple and luxurious at the same time.

The drinks

Watching a “giant” three-litre porn star martini cocktail being made, it's obvious to see why these are a great way to go. It was a giant, it looked so good, that I got a one-person sized one for myself. Go for the big one with friends, it's a great social thing to do. We also had a STK Luxury, vodka, lemon and Saint Germain and then a Caribbean Passion with rose Havana rum. I sampled them all, for professional purposes of course. Nicely mixed, lots of taste and very unlikely to disappoint.

You could apply the last comment above to the entirety of STK Ibiza and for sure, you can guarantee you will have a great night here.


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