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Best tunes from Sven Väth and Peggy Gou at Cocoon

Ten tracks that shook the dance floor when Peggy Gou joined Papa Sven at Pacha.

With the halfway point of the season now passed, we headed back to Pacha on Wednesday night to see how Cocoon was progressing in its new home.

With Peggy Gou in tow for a three-hour set and making her Cocoon Ibiza debut, we were eager to see how the night would pan out.

While it's no secret that we have several Cocoon fans in the Ibiza Spotlight office, it's fair to say that the music and atmosphere surpassed even our expectations. Sven & co laid down another night for the record books.

No longer a starlet on the ascent, but a bonafide star. Peggy pulled the crowd.

With a crowd gathering early to catch the Korean superstar, we knew from the off that her invite was an inspired booking. Here are the ten tracks that rocked the twin cherries.

kirilik | Plumberphonic | Figure
played by Peggy Gou

If one artist has shaped the sound of Cocoon 2018, it has been KiNK. His stripped-back, frantic alter-ego got an outing here.

Shakedown | At Night (Peggy Gou's Acid Journey Remix) | Defected Records
played by Peggy Gou

One of Peggy's own. Her acid drenched rework of this classic house anthem.

Nelly Furtado | Afraid (Four Tet Remix) | Unreleased
played by Peggy Gou

The remix that has lit up the IOM facebook group in recent weeks, in the wake of Houghton and Lost Village.

The Juan Maclean | Here I Am (Tuff City Kids Remix)
played by Peggy Gou

A space-age odyssey courtesy of The Juan Maclean and Tuff City Kids.

Brothers-in-arms had Room Two groovin'.

Hectik Rivero & Mika Materazzi | The Basser | Wow! Recordings
played by Shonky b2b Dyed Soundorom

Over in Strangers in the Night, 2/3s of Apollonia were laying down some serious groove.

Beat42 | Insert Nerd Here | Roxxx Records
played by Shonky b2b Dyed Soundorom

Room 2 at Cocoon has been a lock-up for locals, with some spectacularly full dance floors hanging off the likes of Cassy and Carl Craig - so, too, did the Frenchmen prove to pack them in.

Sven and Peggy share a moment as the dance floor thrives below them.

Patrice Bäumel | Serpent | Afterlife
played by Sven Väth

As all four CO2 canons erupted, mist rose from the dance floor as we entered the lair of the three-headed beast.

Nicolas Masseyeff | Muse | Sapiens
played by Sven Väth

Agoria's label has released some real gems - and here is another, complete with the Papa Sven seal of approval.

KiNK | Perth (Dusky Remix) | Running Back
played by Sven Väth

The original has been a Sven favourite all summer, but the Dusky boys breathe fresh life into a 2018 anthem.

Outlander | The Vamp | R&S Records
played by Sven Väth

When Sven digs deep, he goes really deep. Where did he pluck this 1991 oddity from?


More Peggy Gou next year at Cocoon? YES, please.

Along with a knowledgeable and up-for-it crowd, the one thing a night at Cocoon is guaranteed to expose you to is some fantastic music. We have updated our Cocoon Ibiza Spotify playlist to include all of the fab music we heard last night.

We're off now to Cocoon Daytime at Destino for more of the same.

Next week we will be treated to the earthy tones of Maeve boss Mano Le Tough supporting Sven, plus Cassy's second all-nighter in Room 2. Those who attended her last outing will attest this is one not to be missed.

See below for all future listings and tickets for upcoming events.

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