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Cocktails at any time at Amante Ibiza

Ice-cold cocktails and chilled vibes await at Sol Den Serra's relaxed cliff top beach club.

If you think of Amante as only a place to dine, think again. As well as being a divine beach club by day and romantic restaurant by night, it makes a great stop for either cocktails or drinks from an extensive list, at any point of the day.

The beach club is perched on a cliff face with magnificent views out onto the bay of Sol Den Serra - a beautiful setting that makes it easy to relax.

Sipping a cocktail at Amante and looking out to sea is a fabulous combination. All cocktails are inspired by the island, with classics getting a unique spin.

Recline in the pouffe area with a cocktail and magnificent view too

We especially like the Mediterranean Mojito and Amante Passion, but regardless of your taste, there's something for everybody. Refreshing virgin cocktails are also available for those wishing to detox.

With seating areas both inside and out, you can choose one to suit your mood. For sun worshippers there is a choice of deep sun loungers to lap up those rays, with parasols available for heat intensity. For more comfort, recline in the pouffe seating area.

Of course after cocktails, you could eat in the restaurant, though know that a range of lighter snacks including either Iberian cured ham or a delectable cheese board will tide you over until you're ready for a big meal.

The transition from day to night is steered seamlessly by an expertly-crafted soundtrack. You'll be so immersed in the Amante experience, we suspect you'll not even notice the subtle shift in tempo.

If you think the calm waters look inviting by day, then wait until you see them by moonlight. Couples looking for the ideal spot for a meal for two need look no further. Equally, you can stay purely to enjoy drinks with the bar remaining open until late.

Cruise on over to Amante for some amazing drinks, that fabulous view and a wonderful slice of Ibiza life.

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