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Unleashing your culinary wild side in Playa d’en Bossa

Playasol Mogambo Aparthotel’s restaurant in Playa d’en Bossa is an ideal pit stop for some great food, and it’s open to all.

When you are feeling in need of refueling in Playa d'en Bossa, the restaurant at Playasol Mogambo Aparthotel could be just what you need. Here you can take a walk on the wild side in African-inspired interior of its gorgeously-decorated new restaurant that anyone can go along to.

modern design with african touches

Strips of grilled beef

I went along to get a first hand taste of some of its great dishes. Unlike in many holiday hotels, where food is an afterthought, this place has gone all out to offer a great and varied menu.

Inside, there's bold touches of animal print and African art objects that make for a cool and modern look, with darker colours in the decor and subdued lighting making a nice change from places that go heavy on bright lights. Food should be eaten in a relaxing atmosphere after all.

Food is made using seasonal and organic produce to make sure those antioxidants kick in and to keep you ready for action - that's what it's all about at this place. The dishes are quite delicious and we were lucky enough to sample a few different dishes.

fresh and filling

Our fabulous food selection

Starting with freshness, a gazpacho came, which is perfect for a hot day. This most Spanish of cold soups is made with fresh tomatoes with accompaniments of chopped onion, cucumber, pepper and croutons. The fresh tomato salad with creamy burrata cheese and basil was a delight too. Nice, fresh and healthy with a bit of cheese naughtiness.

The arancini rice balls are a little more indulgent - it's risotto rice with cheese, made into balls and deep fried. Trust me, a must try. The green salad with grilled goat's cheese was super yummy, with the cheese grilled to melting and then enlivened with strawberries, raspberry vinegar and honey.

There are some great burgers to try, including a “skinny” one for weight watchers and one to definitely go for, even if you like beef, is the tortilla potato omelette one, with cheese bacon and tomato. This was one of my favourites. The chef did a long strip of char-grilled steak, cut into thin slices too. Melt-in-the mouth beef at its best. The chicken Pad Thai from the specials' section of the menu was totally on point and very tasty.

wild and fun

One of the delicious burgers

For dessert you can go for a brownie and ice cream, cheesecake or a”piña colada” fresh pineapple dessert or a fresh fruit salad pepped up with Ibiza's special liqueur, hierbas.

All those that come to Ibiza to unleash their animal side, will love this Playa d'en Bossa place. Restaurant Mogambo is designed with the clubber in mind to find their wild, fun and glamorous side. With this new restaurant, it's got the food side covered too.

You don't have to check into the Playasol Mogambo Aparthotel to eat in the restaurant, though we certainly recommend that you check out its great food - you'll be glad you did.

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