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The music and style of Do Not Sit opening at HEART

Dancing is mandatory as Behrouz's Miami favourite crosses the Atlantic with a soaring deep house soundtrack.

Ibiza's clubbing landscape certainly looks very different now to when was waved goodbye to 2017's closing parties. One new addition this summer comes in the form of Behrouz's famed Miami party Do Not Sit On The Furniture this time around as Do Not Sit at HEART.

Taking over Thursday nights at the glitzy Marina Botafoch venue, Do Not Sit holds its first European residency, heralding the rising popularity of its sound. Going under several monikers, such as "desert house" and "shamanic house," it seems a new tag arises every week.

Intrigued by these superlatives, we headed to the opening party on 7 June to see for ourselves how Behrouz handled successfully exporting his party outside of the USA. Here is what we found.

A voyage of discovery

Walking into the venue, we were immediately struck by the striking décor. This party features dozens - maybe even hundreds - of dreamcatchers. Native American motifs of all shapes and sizes were dotted everywhere.

The giant screens that lined the walls of the dance floor featured constellations, geometric formations and other astro-physiological imagery. Spellbinding.

Squire was warming things up nicely with some blissful deep cuts.

Lots of ethnic vocals, Indian flutes and pan flutes filled the space.

As the dance floor filled, Squire had one more trick up his sleeve.

Pulling this beauty, he switched the tempo and full-blown party mode turned on. The energy was palpable.

One thing guaranteed at HEART is an interesting crowd.

We spotted a girl channelling Sinead O'Connor circa 1990, a group of nonplussed French-speaking nationals in absentia from the action and a couple for whom the music brought about public displays of affection that bordered on the inappropriate.

Then there was a group of mature women, giving it as good as anybody else on the dance floor. The diversity that Ibiza is known for was in full effect.

Up-close and personal with a live magician

After Satori's blistering set at HEART a few weeks ago, we were treated to another live masterclass from Rodriguez Jr.

He opened up with his remix of SIS – The Blind Side. Instantly we knew it's going to be a belter.

Twiddling knobs, punching his launch pad and using a variety of effects, the exuberant Frenchman channeled every subtlety in sound with theatric gestures and contorted expressions.

Rodriguez Jr. then cocked his leg up on the side. Leaning right over his hardware, he got up close and personal with the machines.

Radian was another huge moment where the payoff was worth the build.

Is HEART becoming to go to place to catch live electronic music acts in Ibiza? With its stage configuration as it is, the venue certainly lends itself well to the format. You can get right up close and watch the magic happen.

Dancers wearing helmets with feather plume mohawks and dazzling peacock-like tails came out to dance on stage. Even Rodriguez Jr. was drawn by their allure, reaching out to stroke the feathers.

There was a murmur as Cassy and our host Behrouz entered the booth. The reaction of the crowd when Behrouz jumped on spoke volumes.

If there were any question as to whether Do Not Sit has a following on this side of the Atlantic, this answered the question with a resounding “yes.”

Going deeper and deeper with the boss

His arrival was marked by the song cry of African vocalist Baaba Maal – a piece of music taken from the Black Panther score. It's an inspired choice that set the tone beautifully.

On the giant screens, the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati appeared, before a panel slid up to reveal a dancer wearing a headpiece that emitted an exotic vapour.

Behrouz delved right into the deep house sound he has grown a reputation for, before transitioning to more disco-influenced music.

Tracks from Abu Duque, Babert and Harry Romero felt perfectly at home in HEART's opulent setting.

However, what really stands out are those deeper vibes, the signature sound of this party. These selections are the ones we cherish the most.

By the time headliner Cassy got her turn, Do Not Sit had lived up to its promise: everybody was on his or her feet – even the VIPs.

Do Not Sit continues to fly the flag for live performers next week when Lindstrom will be a guest, alongside the inimitable Sasha. That means more beautiful, melodic music is on the menu. On tonight's evidence, we can't imagine going anywhere else.

Beyond the velvet rope, the exclusivity and the glamour, the music shines as Do Not Sit's most appealing attribute. With Behrouz at the helm and notable guests from now until closing, it could well turn out to be one of Ibiza 2018's success stories.

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