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Top snaps from Es Paradis opening party

The famous San Antonio super-club back for rave business with this opening party.

One of the prettiest clubs on the island of Ibiza, Es Paradis opened its doors on Friday. It was buzzing.

With Sebastian Gamboa, Brandon Block, Clara Da Costa and Jason Bye on deck duties, the club space was packed out with sun-kissed holidaymakers enjoying the bouncy beats and dance performances. Bursting with excited clubbers, Es Paradis celebrated the 2018 season in grand style.

With its iconic pyramid roof that can be spotted en route to San An, this glam super-club shone brightly on opening night. An Ibiza clubbing gem, it has been a staple clubbing location since the 70s with its vast space featuring multiple rooms and dance floor areas.

Whilst it did not do so for the opening, a part of the club even turns into a pool for their infamous Fiesta del Aqua parties. These water parties are an essential Ibiza clubbing experience. On top of this, the super-club homes some of the best old school nights on the island to catch those nostalgic jams and blast-from-the-past hits. If you missed the opening, you can always check out some of these.

Meanwhile, relive what went on for the opening. Check out these snaps from the Es Paradis grand opening spectacular.

Working it.

Getting down to funky beats.

Spinning 'round...

...that shiny disco ball.

Put your hands up.

Buzz master at work.

Strike a pose.

Just one more.

And so till morning.

With the season now officially started, head here to find out all the parties going on at Es Paradis this summer.

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