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5 reasons Defected at Eden is a match made in house heaven

As Simon Dunmore's behemoth house brand returns to the island, we take a look at why it has become a game-changer.

With Defected Ibiza returning to Eden for its second season, we were eager to see if it could carry the momentum from year one into this summer. On Sunday 20 May we joined the legions of clubbers that descended on the San Antonio nightspot.

In a nutshell, from open to close our ears were gifted to exceptional house music, ranging from DJ Koze's summer smash Pick Up, Purple Disco Machine's Dished (Male Stripper) and several cuts from Defected's sub-label DFTD. More details at the end of this article.

What made the marriage of Eden and Defected such a successful union? We take a look at five key factors.

House, house and more house

Defected is a party that wears its identity on its sleeve. It's straight-up, unadulterated, feel good house music from across the spectrum. There's no pretence here. It really is substance over style.

On this night alone we were treated to the low-slung, sleazy G-house of Amine Edge & DANCE, the off-kilter underground sound of DJ Haus and the classic vocal signature of mainstays Dunmore and Divine.

Whether you are a casual clubber or somebody with more underground leanings, Defected is a party that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Seeing Eden in full swing

It's no secret that San Antonio's super-clubs do not always live up to their counterparts in San Rafael, Playa d'En Bossa and Ibiza Town. Defected at Eden is bucking that trend and helping turn San Antonio back into a party destination.

With a queue stretching around the block and an amazing atmosphere on the dance floor, this is Eden's marquee night. The scenes that unfolded at the opening are the party's biggest selling point. It has such a vibe.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this is that Eden's beefy sound system really has its limitations tested. It's crisp, it's loud – it's one of the best the island has to offer. With the likes of Low Steppa providing some seriously chunky basslines, audiophiles will leave satisfied.

Mambo pre-party

Another plus is that team Defected takes over Mambo each and every Sunday for the official pre-party. Of course, Mambo host pre-parties every day of the week. But most of the other parties take place away from San Antonio, making Defected an exception.

Dreamy sunsets soundtracked by the label's finest. There's scarcely a better combination.

Plus, one even has ample time to head back to your accommodation and freshen-up, maybe squeeze in a few more drinks before hitting Eden. The fact that both of these parties happen in close proximity to one another is rare. It means double the Defected dosage – and that can be no bad thing.

A family affair

You only have to glance at the roster to see Defected likes to keep things close-knit. A core of artists from its inner circle mean continuity from the opening all the way to closing. It goes without saying that head honcho Simon Dunmore, radio hostess Sam Divine and A&R guru Andy Daniell will be appearing lots of times throughout the season.

Throw in some house legends like Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez and Derrick Carter, mix them with established stars and rising talent and you have a truly formidable extended family.

But going one step further, the house nation is one big family. Simon Dunmore mingling with guests and exchanging pleasantries alongside the ever-present Christian and Alan Anadon AKA The Mambo Brothers, and you get a feel for what Defected is all about.

Approachable, down to earth and ego-free. In our house we are all equal.

Industry hang-out

It wasn't so long ago that San Antonio's sizeable workforce migrated to the other side of the island for a Sunday sermon. Nowadays, the flock doesn't tend to travel so far, instead preferring to keep things local.

If you cut through the sales pitch, workers are often overlooked as being a handy source of information. If they go to a party en masse, this is a strong indication it's a party worth going to. Defected at Eden is one such example - the new Sunday hangout.

These factors, plus so much more, combine to make Defected at Eden a beacon for house music purists. After several years of nomadism and even a season without any presence on the island in 2016, Defected now feels perfectly at home in San Antonio.

For a more in-depth breakdown on Defected 2018, check-out our Spotify playlist here. We'll be adding to the list throughout the season. Then see below for the dates of your favourite artists.

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