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Ibiza Spirit Festival back for spring 2018

50 different events spanning meditation, therapies, live music and dance.

Get ready for another edition of the life-enhancing Ibiza Spirit Festival coming to you on 29 April 2018, promising 50 different exciting events.

Starting at 11:00, expect a full day's odyssey into the world of the spiritual with more than half of the events new for this spring.

A highlight is the The Story Project, an activity taking Europe by storm, where people are invited to tell stories to each other, either personal or inspirational - it promises a magical vibe.

Ending the day with the Ecstatic Dance Party

As usual, the event mixes different types of yoga - with five completely new classes; various styles of meditation, including organiser Sabina Brownstein's famous ‘inner peace' one; talks and workshops like ‘how to heal your gut' are on offer too.

Dance and tantra are always big elements of the festival with everything from belly dancing to African tribal dance. Many therapies are on offer during the day with a suggested donation of €10 for things like reiki, energy medicine and Ayurvedic massage.

It's a family day with a children's garden holding workshops and putting on entertainment for kids. Parents can discover the artisan market, for extra rejuvenation, with lots of hand-crafted natural products for health and beauty.

Throughout the day expect lots of live music, with mantras set to beats, the tribal sounds of the Ibango Tribe and much more.

See out the sunset and beyond with resident DJ Kareem Raïhani for the regular Dance Party that brings the day to an exhilarating close.

Check out our review from last autumn's Ibiza Spirit Festival to get you inspired.

Get on over to Atzaro, the regular venue for the Ibiza Spirit Festival, for a day of magic and enlightenment.

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