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Premiere: Wake Up on Circus Recordings

Simon Berry and Luke Brancaccio release their new track on Circus Recordings.

Adding a new nuance to Circus Recordings last summer, Yousef brings progressive house and techno to the label's repertoire with this compelling track. The newly released Wake Up by Simon Berry and Luke Brancaccio blends past and future into an evocative tune.

The second single for the duo, Wake Up brings in contrasting elements for quite the ride. A pulsing bassline, dreamy arpeggios, flustering horns, lush strings and uncanny atmospheric fragments bring about both a sense of peace and one of urgency.

Somewhere in a utopian and dystopian area, with both gentle and pressing calls to 'wake up', the tune carries on with the mesmeric and emotive journey.

Wake Up as well as its remixes will be released on 16 March and can be ordered here.

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