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Kite flying day comes back to Ibiza for 2018

On 18 February it's time once more for San Antonio's annnual kite flying day.

Updated: 20:53 on 26 January 2018

A little later than normal, San Antonio's sky will be celebrating a quarter of a century of its annual kite flying day - Posa en Estel al Ciel on 18 February this year, with possible inclement weather postponing the event's January date.

Translated as 'place a star in the sky', the 25th edition of this celebration of hand made airborne creations filling the sky.

Expect to see kites of all shapes and sizes flown by children of all ages along as well as adults that still enjoy being children.

Taking place next to the Sunset Strip and close to Cafe Mambo, the event will be easy to spot with a burst of colours in the sky that are the many wild and wonderful kite creations being flown.

Last year's most definite highlight was the kite of an animated man riding a bicycle. Look out to see whch is your favourite this year and send us pictures of it if you go along!

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