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Change is coming to San Antonio's hotels

New developments in accommodation offerings are coming to the island's ever popular resort, San Antonio.

There's a buzz in the air that San Antonio and San Antonio Bay is in the midst of a transformation that starts with its hotels. The world's party capital is coming of age and as it does so, is changing what kind of accommodation it offers to tourists.

Ibiza is on the wish list of many, with record numbers of visitors coming year on year. To meet this demand, new hoteliers are investing in San Antonio and the San Antonio Bay. As well as new hotels, existing ones are seeing their offerings being upgraded with major refurbishments.

New developments are taking place all around San Antonio, with a walkway being constructed to link it with the far end of the Bay so people will be able to get around it on foot.

A Miami look to the new Paradiso Art Hotel

The Concept Hotel Group is at each end of the Bay with two new concept hotels, the Miami South Beach inspired Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel in Port des Torrent and the Cubanito Ibiza Suites in Cala Gracio, which takes its cues from the vibrant district of Little Havana, also in Miami.

Diego Calvo, one of the Concept Group's main founders, is looking to attract a different type of customer: those that are interested in fashion and art as well as music. Accordingly, the new hotels combine a great destination hotel with fabulous facilities and services with art and culture.

The Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel will even have its own cultural space with changing exhibitions that are open to locals as well as the guests that stay there.

Regular exhibitions for guests and the local commuity

People like Cafe Mambo's founder Javier Anadon thinks that the the emphasis of the new hotels is on authenticity, not just luxury. Lots of 5-star hotels have arrived on the island and now there's a need to provide something in the middle to upper ranges, which a lot of these new developments offer.

In the past two years, we have witnessed the launch of Sol House Ibiza, still aimed at a young audience, but with a level of service and style that sets it apart. Its rooftop terrace is already a byword in music and style. Regular DJ sets there provide a soundtrack to take in the incredible vistas of the beautiful Bay.

A roof with a view: at the Cubanito Ibiza Suites

Another place with a sparkling rooftop terrace is the Marina Playa which has been working on providing a fresh and contemporary offering for its customers over the past ten years. These stylish suites offer vivid hues of blue mixed with white, typical of the Mediterannean.

Then there's the Puchet Hotel whose modern design has made this hotel popular with a more sophisticated set of clubbers. It's also bucking the trend by being open all year round and offering cool things like free parking and even a bike station and gym.

San Antonio offers a lot: it's a great open space with great beaches a vast variety of events, lots of live music shows and excellent water sports.

The wide, wide world of San Antonio

With this hotel renaissance, it seems that more of the world will be finding out the magic of San Antonio for themselves.

An article detailing future development in San Antonio has been produced by the Concept Group. You can read their account of those changes here.

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