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Solomun plus Tale Of Us star closing party

This one last groove in the name of Solomun is bound to be massive.

We don't doubt that music connoisseurs have been saving their last bit of energy for the Solomun +1 closing at the two-cherried venue Pacha. For close to six months, the Diynamic creator has yet again brought some of the most idolised and proficient DJs to the booth for his +1 concept.

His final date in October is the time when Solomun takes matters into his own hands, usually playing throughout the night solo. However, after playing for all those stomping in the Vista Club at 9:00 in the morning at the Afterlife / Privilege closing, the Italian duo return the favour.

Tale Of Us will be playing with Solomun for the grand finale this Sunday. The pair have been running things every Thursday at Privilege this season, so if you loved or missed Tale of Us until now, a mammoth amount of new music and techniques from their journey will be showing up at Solomun's closing fiesta.

Like every closing party, the atmosphere will be bursting with emotion. No DJ waves goodbye to a successful season without giving it his or her all. A date with Solomun and Tale of Us playing for the last time in Ibiza this year is simply unmissable.

Pacha has yet again given the gift of quality music to the people of Ibiza and its visitors this season. Now is the time to celebrate the end of another incredible season with Solomun and his final guests.

See below for tickets and full details. You will want to be there for this one.

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