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Performance meets clubbing at Privilege with IAmARichBitch

Break dancing, story telling and more.

Performance combined with raving is a scene that is not rare on the Island. Parties such as elrow have defined the word ‘entertainment' in the dictionary. However, every party has its own style, at that's what we learned at the last I Am a Rich Bitch.

When you strip back the art of clubbing, you're left with simply pulling your shoes on and entering the club's doors. We know that was mainly relevant back in the day. Today technology entertainment has progressed further than we imagined back in 1999.

The vastness of Privilege's main room was as usual, impressive to say the least. Usually, its veins are pumped with blinding techno and tech-house. Last Friday DJ Mesta had the room grinding to hip-hop and reggaeton: a new storm had hit the venue.

A hint of mystery had wangled its way into the main room, as a giant black cloth covered the usual stage and projected onto it was a clock. Time was running out. In 24 minutes something big would happen, but in the meantime, the room has continued to bounce along to the likes of Shaggy's Big Up ft. Rayvon and DJ Katch's The Horns.

By now there had been only seconds until the big reveal. The stage transformed into a giant speaker and two dancers stood meters off the ground as I Am a Rich Bitch's main man Ale Zuber stood proudly behind the decks he was about to take over.

Without giving too much away, what lay behind the curtains was a dance show including a ballerina and a narrative. Much like the theme of the party, breakdancers left the crowd gawping in amazement. All the senses were touched with incredible dancing and the best of reggaeton. If that weren't enough, one particular muscle-man had some girls weak at the knees as he flipped around a metal bar on the centre stage.

The dancers had the crowd testing their limits as they continued to groove through the night. If your attention span with dancing isn't as good as others, Privilege on Fridays will host the best entertainment to complete your night.

The island is known for catering to all tastes. This party is not for everyone. If bumping and grinding to classic R'n'B is your thing, I Am a Rich Bitch is your party. The event ticks all boxes for hip-hop and reggaeton lovers.

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