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Why Ocean Beach is a holiday must-do

Live your luxury life fantasy within the iconic orange and white walls of Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach Ibiza has created a very prestige name for itself since its opening in 2012. Now the colours white and orange remind the islanders of nothing else. A luxury open air venue situated on the sunny shore of San Antonio. This beach club has top events every day, bringing something different each time.

One of the best open-air day party venues on the island, Ocean Beach is a place where it's the norm for champagne sprays, elaborate aerial performers and VIP beds equipped with giant six-litre bottles of Ciroc. Here are but some of the reasons why Ocean Beach Ibiza needs to be on your holiday to-do list.

The Décor

So in this day and age, more people are interested in their Instagram feed than anything else in the world. Ocean Beach has you covered, from the gazebo of pastel flowers that dance along the entrance to the perfect pool. There are photo opportunities everywhere you turn in this place. ‘Do it for the gram' doesn't even need to be chanted, as this venue is the easiest place for a fab photo shoot.

The Events

Aside from the daily poolside sessions, Ocean Beach flaunts an array of top events. Kisstory on a Tuesday takes you through some of the best old school classics. Turning your radio sing-alongs at home into a pool party for the record books. Other events such as Sin Sundays and Ibiza Spray create the ultimate Sunday fun-day.

The one-off events

Some of the best events of the season are based at Ocean Beach. For example, the Ibiza House Orchestra played for Miss Moneypenny's events. Also, catch events such as House In Paradise on the 10 September and Kinky Malinki on the 20 August. Changing it up from the usual, expect Ibiza at its best at these events.

The production

Ibiza clubs are known for their mad production and ocean beach doesn't disappoint. The dancers here are some of the most impressive of the bunch. Dancer isn't even the correct word; they're contorting acrobats. See the most magnificent creations float through the sky, from carousels to giant mermaids. Also, let's not forget the luxury inflatable swans, actual rose-gold champagne spray guns and golden metallic streamers.

The drink deals

Okay, this is getting into the big spenders now. If you're coming to Ocean Beach for a big party, and you want to go all out, here is how to do it.

Ranging from 1,500 to 7,500 you can get packages featuring 30 bottles of Veuve Clicquot to 100 bottles of Ocean Spray Cava. Feel like a true baller during your time at Ocean Beach. It is definitely a place to go all out and get those fabulous memories. So book that bed and add on a luxe selection of the finest food and drink to see you through sunset and into the night.

For all these reasons and more, make sure you visit Ocean Beach Ibiza this season for an afternoon of sun-soaking and relaxation in one of the most glamorous venues on the island.

Photography | Michael Tomlinson & Natasha Marshall

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