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What makes Resistance at Privilege so wicked

The world's biggest club welcomes Ultra label Resistance for eight unmissable weeks.

So the time has come where we're finally able to hail the underground brand Resistance right here on the island. Stepping into the the worldly iconic club Privilege, clubbers are reminded of the outstanding aura it holds.

With Resistance landing at thirteen cities across the globe, they step it up a notch and make the White Isle its fourteenth memorable stopping point. There are many reasons that make Tuesday night at Privilege one to remember. Here's what makes it so special.

World-class production

Stepping into Privilege's Main Room, clubbers cannot but fixate on the phosphorescence that surrounds the chamber. Chromatically beaming a palette of predominantly red, purples and blues, the lasers strobe around the dancefloor, creating an alternate dimension.

Hovering above the DJs and dancefloor were large black panels, making the crowd extremely curious. As the tunes got heavier around 2:00 during Eats Everything b2b Cassy, the panels started their journey moving above the crowd.

Elevating back and forth and side to side at a very slow pace, they descended quite close to the dancing throngs of people dancing. To everybody's surprise, they began to illuminate and created a flashing ceiling above the dancefloor.

The lighting throughout the evening was second to none, clearly the work of many professional technicians. The light shows created a euphoric party atmosphere. On the stage acrobats and a tribe of dancers carried a vibrant energy. Adding cohesion to the room, they all moved to the beat and carried themselves effortlessly.

In the Terrace (Vista Room), a ginormous projector displayed contorted visuals, reflecting the atmosphere the room held. Lasers powered through this room as well, bouncing off the round disco ball hanging from the ceiling that shone Resistance.

Eclectic tunes

With the line-up printed before us by one of the most well-known music brands in the industry, we knew the track selection would reach extraordinary levels on Tuesday night. It did.

In the Main Room Eats Everything b2b Cassy played a techno focused set, selecting 2000 And One's Get Down (Len Faki Headspace Mix) as well as Henrik Schwarz's Not Also You. Meanwhile in the Terrace was Anna b2b B. Traits reached deeper into the techno realm, playing Phil Kieran's Last Train To Drums from the recently released EP Last Train To Melbourne.

Anja Schnieder b2b Francesca Lombardo went with All The Lights by Emanuel Santes. The house and acid combination of this track certainly got the crowd going. Slowly followed by Josh Butler and Kerri Chandler's brand new release Can't Deny, the beautiful piano solo centred the ears of the crowd. We revelled in a little bit of chill time until the track dropped again.

The final sets of the evening (or morning) had us torn between the two rooms. The highly anticipated pair, Sasha & John Digweed invaded the Main Room with a powerful techno set filled with many acidic melodies. They selected tracks such as Uner's Skylon (Monkey Safari Remix) and Alex Niggemann's Fences.

Meanwhile, Technasia went back-to-back with Nick Curly in the Terrace, pumping softer sounds through the speakers such as Floorplan's Made Up My Mind and Pete Heller's Simpler.

Resistance can look forward to the summer ahead. Playing host to an array of DJs and producers from across the globe, their eclectic track selection gets you going from start to finish.

The mighty Privilege

Situated amongst the hills of San Rafael the superclub sits high above the green tips of the trees, looking like a giant from the outside. Privilege's territorial viewpoint will be familiar to many, especially if you have joined the fiesta in the smaller room of the venue Terrace aka the Vista Club. With tall glass floor-to-ceiling windows enveloping the club you can see more miles, enjoying an 180-degree view of Ibiza Town, and the sea is also in sight. Both look especially idyllic lit up from afar.

If you make it through to the last set of the night, you will also play witness to an unforgettable sunrise whilst partying in the Vista Club. As the room lights up as the rays of the sun beam inside, clubbers gage a sense of euphoria.

The Main Room looks similar to an aircraft hangar, with the ceiling reaching 35m high. With the grand open space, it only leaves room for phenomenal sounds and outstanding production to travel.

Even the grounds of the club will catch up by surprise. As you enter Privilege's large gates, you are greeted by a long winding driveway leading up to the entrance. Trees blanketing each side of the drive make it seem as though you are heading into a form of wonderland. That's exactly what Resistance is: a wonderland of music and production.

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