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Pukka Up Tropical Wonderland brings in special guests

The original Ibiza boat party expands to Eden for hot events on land including last week's special guest Pixie Lott.

It had been two weeks since I had attended the Pukka Up boat party. I had a brilliant time with the staff and guests of the original ibiza boat company, so I was delighted to hear from the event manager Zach again, when he invited me to Tropical Wonderland, Pukka Up's new event at Eden.

I had heard good things about this night already from the Pukka Up boat team, so I was excited to attent that weekend. A week before the event, they released a special guest for this particular Saturday. Pixie Lott and Anton Powers were due to perform as headline acts, a big booking for Pukka up.

I arrived at 2.00 to find DJ F.A.B mixing to a room filling up with excited holiday makers ready for a night full of dancing and Eden antics. The Swiss DJ who is resident for events like Ministry of Sound and Pacha London mixes with such great energy, always smiling. It's always great to see a DJ really enjoying his craft.

Funky bass flavours were on the musical menu for the evening with tracks like an Erykah Mix of Steppin by Adam Foster, blended with futuristic remixes such as a Fono remix of Meant to be by SG Lewis. The DJ ended his set by greeting Anton Powers onto the stage. Anton Powers started his set in a popular fashion mixing chart vocal samples into bass house jams.

Hanging out with my friends in the VIP area for a while, I got to enjoy Anton Powers entertaining the crowd with cool chopped up tracks like Mr. Belt & Wezol mix of Homeless by Crystal Waters.

As I walked around the venue, I noticed the team has gone to special effort in the decoration for the event. Tropical embellishments adorned the stage along with inflatable patterned animals, living up to its name as a wonderland. The decor is the unique part of the nights appeal, you literally step outside from the concrete of San Antonio and enter into a colourful environment where you can immerse yourself in the party atmosphere, a paradisiacal concept in a club.

The dancefloor was almost full by now, swinging to the pop grooves laid down by Anton. Just before 3.00, Anton announces on the microphone that Pixie Lott will soon step on stage for her performance. The avid VIP guests move from their booths in the back of the venue to the sizzling dancefloor.

A line of excited girls stood front of stage awaiting the arrival of Pixie Lotts. As the pop star appeared from backstage, she bounced onto stage grinning and greeting the crowd with her dazzling smile. She sang her new track Baby, produced with Anton Powers, her soulful voice matching her delightful personality. She waved to the crowd as she finished her set.

Anton continued the night's antics with a bouncy remix of Let Me Love You (Tiesto Aftr:Hrs Mix). The dancers dressed in tropical wear and body paint busted moves to the beat of the Eden sound system.

After Pixie's set I went backstage to ask Zach how he thought the night had gone. He said, "I think it's a good step forward for us. It's something we have done a bit in the past, but we really want to progress as a company in 2017. The Pukka Up boat party is well-established now after 15 years and the team loves working on it, but with the club nights it gives us the opportunity to be more creative and move the brand forward in these events. I also love Eden as a venue, the location in San Antonio naturally makes it a great place to hold Tropical Wonderland."

As I re-entered the club, the sound had changed to cater to the guests still on the dance floor. Deeper tracks like Adieu by Tchami to club hits like Run by Offaiah, my personal favourite of the evening, filled the club.

The Pukka Up staff were also winding down for the evening, drinking well deserved beverages after a successful night at Eden. I sat down outside with them chatting until dawn broke over San Antonio, bathing the marina bathed with morning light.

Tropical Wonderland carries the same qualities as the Pukka Up boat, fun loving atmosphere, cool music and glamorous vibes. Running every Saturday until 23 September, this is a great night out for any partygoer in Ibiza.

Photography | Michael Tomlinson & Marta Krystyna J

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