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Bedouin refashion HEART into Saga

Sundays at HEART tell the story of another dimension.

A totally refashioned HEART Ibiza awaits clubbers on Sunday nights. Saga brings in an element of storytelling to the experience, adding a different shade of partying to the mix. Judging by opening night, we are in for quite the season.

The summer thunderstorm did not stop the throngs of people from checking out HEART's newest night. What we found was a HEART like never before — or any club on the island for that matter.

Burgundy drapes over the entrance seemed to swallow daring clubbers into the nightclub adorned by curtains in deep shades of red. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and spinning candelabra projected on the screens decorated the space while live paintings came to life in frames on the walls. Like the living room and hallways of a gothic mansion, HEART was alive with a new energy.

In this parallel dimension, LUM got the night going with his enlightening sound as HEART filled up. The DJ booth was dug into the stage with the DJ at eye-level with the crowd, adding an intimate touch. A slumbering statue was the only thing separating clubbers from the tune masters. With plants growing out of the stage, up the stairway and around the VIP areas, the place had something surreal about it.

Next up was producer and sound engineer Nu with his distinctive and diverse musical outpour. His often ethnic always original sound carried us over to Bedouin. As crimson lasers pierced the elegant space, Bedouin charged into the evening with grace and power. The energy shifted in a tangible way.

Adding multiple nuances to techno, the sound of Bedouin borders on transcendental. The laser show projected onto the darkened screens merely added to their captivating beats. Arguably the stars of last summer, this NY duo has been taking the island by storm.

Massive framed paintings appeared on the screened walls dwarfing the crowd and intensifying the atmosphere. Using the screens to create a distinctive ambient engendered an almost eerie ambiance had it not been so seductive.

Matching the environment, Bedouin's set mesmerised the whole way through, juxtaposing intense percussion and melodic overlays. With rising tempos and multiple layers, the music was sterling. No lover of electronic music can deny the originality, freshness and transport of Bedouin's distinctive sound.

Often with the verve of an afterparty, Bedouin ran with it. With a groovy remix of Let's Run by DJ Spyder aka Rellik & Muzik Revolution sampling Jim Morrison's eternal voice, the night continued to juxtapose different eras and cultures. Later Fur Coat's Desire Of Mine (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) and Experiment E by Eagles & Butterflies had a very vocally appreciative crowd losing it to the moody piercing melodies.

The vibe was intense at this spirited event, driven by a shared passion for the music. Any genuine electronic music lover of any genre cannot but at least appreciate if not downright love the quality of the musical selection of Saga this summer. With connoisseur underground talent, Sundays at HEART Ibiza bring on yet another nuance to night-time entertainment on Ibiza.

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