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Review: Best five moments from Music On pre-season opening

The first of Music On's pre-season warm-ups sets the mood for the rest of the season.

If there is one thing clear about Ibiza this season, it is that its already iconic nightclubs have upped their game. Big time. Last season's Music On was something that was raved about on a daily basis. Having never had the chance to catch it last year, I finally made it. Here are the best moments.

World-wide languages

While waiting in queues is not so entertaining, it is always a blessing to be surrounded by a sea of languages. Amnesia is often flooded by dance music fanatics from around the world, but Music On really pushed the boat out when it came to the pre-season warm up.

With Marco Carola representing Italy and Nigerian-born Nicole Moudaber on the line-up, it was only fitting for the crowd to create a tapestry of countries. It is liberating enough to dance among the Spanish, but to be joined by those from California, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and France just to name a few, was out of this world.

Season's greetings

When Music On springs to mind, so does the colour black. Those who consider themselves as true techno-stompers always seem to layer themselves in black clothing. Why? No one quite knows. However, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by an array of whacky clothing and inventive outfits - something I was not expecting.

As I entered Amnesia, so did a young lad sporting a body-length Ibiza towel as a cape, making the atmosphere just that little more special. A group of around five men from Scotland (obviously) paraded the smoking area in mullet-like wigs, oozing that ´80s vibe. I constantly found myself grinning at the sights before me, making my experience that little more interesting.

A fresh start

Amnesia has always had an impressive set up. The club has been known to shift around the dynamic of the booths, leaving us intrigued as to what to expect each time. Being my first time back at Amnesia for this season, it's safe to say I was left speechless at its new look.

The new floor allowed us to wave goodbye to sticky shoes. Gliding across the main room never felt so good. Palm trees sent us in a time-machine back to Amnesia in the 90's, allowing us to be at one with nature and electronic music. The Terrace screamed Ibiza. All it needed was the removal of the roof and we'd fly back through the years. New LED lights were plastered along the wall in the main room as what seemed like new and improved lasers took over the entire club.

What's more, DJ booths had been planted where they never before had. Carola provided the tunes from the middle of the right side of the Terrace, as well as an intimate booth on the raised floor of the main room.

Everything about Amnesia for Music On was upgraded. The club looked classier yet more old school, more modern yet more exotic.

The music

Leaving a nightclub with a goody bag full of new tunes is the icing on the cake. With both Marco Carola and Marco Faraone taking over the Terrace and Nicole Moudaber, LEON and Paco Osuna playing the Main Room, it was hard to leave my Shazam be at most points of the night.

A battle of sounds vibrated the Amnesia walls throughout the night, with Moudaber dropping techno classics such as 'Ghost' by Gardens Of God whilst Carola injected the Terrace with house jaw-droppers such as YouANDme's tune 'PPPPP' (Diva Mix). Paco Osuna gave me my first taste of Music On with DCP´s 'No6' - a house-groover that bounced cowbell sounds off the main room walls.

The gift of a pre-season warm up

That Ibiza likes a celebration is common knowedge. The island will celebrate the setting of the sun and the morning of any Monday, just because. The season isn't quite in full swing just yet. We are getting ourselves prepared for a string of openings, but that does not mean we will not ooze over the notion of a pre-season warm-up.

Music On got stuck straight in, warming the mostly-Spanish crowd up before things get crazy. Carola took advantage of his clearly itchy feet and ignored the usual order of residencies. Throwing the pre-party merely left the crowd eagerly wanting more. No doubt Carola has a few surprises in store for this season.

Let the Music On hype begin.

WORDS l Ruby Munslow

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