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Some of the best tapas places on Ibiza

Tapas are a big part of Ibizan culture with lots of places for you to try at budgets to suit all.

Tapas are a big part of the local culture on Ibiza, so unsurprisingly there are a good many places to grab them. The best way to enjoy tapas is to try several dishes, place them in the centre of the table and share, so you get more variety. Or, do as the Spanish do and get one tapa per tapas joint before moving onto the next place.

Read on to learn about some of the best tapas places on Ibiza.

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Ibiza Town is an avant-garde taverna where the motto is "eat to be happy". With plates as inventive and delicious as they serve here, you can see why. Even the aficionados at Michelin seem inclined to agree. Just off a small square, offers the best of the traditional favourite tapas staples, alongside their own modern creations. All plates are prepared with fresh local produce and presented with panache.

Tapas restaurant

San Antonio

Situated on a quiet side street close to the beach of San Antonio, Tapas Restaurant has a spacious garden terrace ideal for groups, large or small, to relax and indulge in sharing. True to its Spanish roots, the menu boasts a selection of freshly produced authentic classics, with the addition of the some spicy touches from other world influences. Look out for the daily chef's special tapas and do try one of its reasonably priced cocktails, guaranteed to get your evening in full swing.


Santa Eulalia

Set in a splendid position next to the main walkway of Plaza España, Royalty, an island legend has been going strong since the 1930s. Stop here, sit on the pavement chairs and guzzle some gorgeous tapas. Go inside, have a look at what's behind the glass, ask what the dishes are and learn. Do try their delicious desserts made fresh each day by local Ibiza bakeries.

La Cava

Ibiza Town

Situated in the heart of Ibiza Town on the historic square of Vara de Rey, La Cava is a great spot to enjoy some of these small Spanish plates, a cocktail or two and of course some cava. It serves a range of high-quality, classic tapas and makes a great spot to people-watch day and night on its resplendent outside terrace. All dishes employ lots of lovely local produce, so you get a true taste of the island too. All this plus champion breakfasts to start your day.


Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town

Located within the citadel of Dalt Vila is S'Escalinata, a picture-perfect spot, with brightly coloured seating set over stone steps. This is a great place to watch the world go by and enjoy some quality tapas, that have more of a European twist. The salami is top drawer and needs to be savoured slowly. Here, you should also tuck into one of their sandwiches, made with the restaurant's homemade bread as well as one of its simply gorgeous cocktails.

Can Tixedo


Music and art meets great tapas in Forada near to San Rafael in the delightful cafe Can Tixedo. It may be off the beaten track but it is certainly worth the trip. The crowd you will find there love the tapas menu plus the staff is super-friendly and will help spend time explaining it, which is great if you are new to tapas.

Can Terra

Ibiza Town

Can Terra is a hot favourite in Ibiza Town and is always bursting at the seams with customers. Pinchos are what you get here, essentially small Basque tapas served on bread. Try tasty items like salted cod, bacalao in Spanish, with peppers or ones with goat's cheese. Here, the pinchos change often, so you will always be in for a surprise, plus they are affordable so you won't break the bank.

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WORDS | Julian Heathcote and Tim Dackombe

Article completely revised in July 2020


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