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Smart Charter Ibiza back for 2017

The company is back on the sea for 2017 with an even bigger fleet of boats. 

Lined up after a mad dash across the waves, a selection of the charter boats

Smart Charter Ibiza is back for 2017 bigger and better with an expanded fleet of boats, now making it the island's biggest private boat charter company.

Boat charter trips have now re-started for summer and you can reserve a boat for summer right now.

Last year, this cool Ibiza company doubled the amount of happy customers it took to the seas. This year, in exciting news, the company is aimed at more growth and will launch a spin-off boat charter company in another, location still to be revealed.


Now with a full range of boat options from seven up to 27 metres-long - the most complete range in the Balearics - your options are wide. Smart Charter Ibiza's craftsmen have been working all winter to clean, paint and reupholster its fleet, keeping customers' comfort top priority.

This wide range of boats is made to be affordable for all from small and simple to long and luxurious. The company gives its customers unforgettable experiences at sea and makes you feel like you are in your own private yacht with your family and best friends.

As well as a range of trips offered, you can choose your own, simply by talking to Smart Charter Ibiza's friendly staff once you have reserved your boat.

Throughout your day out, you will be well taken care of by the multilingual staff. All boats come with complementary drinks and snacks with towels also provided. You then have plenty of options for eating, from bringing your own to requesting a picnic

For a special sea experience, head on over to Smart Charter Ibiza for a day of cruising the sublime seas of the White Isle.


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