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Richy Ahmed takes FOUR THIRTY TWO party to Privilege

The Vista Club at Privilege will host a one-off event this summer.

The globetrotting Richy Ahmed brings his FOUR THIRTY TWO to Ibiza for a one-off event at the Vista Club.

Get ready for some serious action. After selling out parties in the UK, the latest chapter of Richy's artistic career will land on the island on Thursday 1 June.

Showcasing the label, Richy's party experiments with sounds focusing on undiscovered talent and his own releases. Some of these are tuned at exactly 432 Hz, where the party gets its name. This method, used by John Lennon and Bob Marley, is said to transmit beneficial energy so expect a double dose of great vibes that night.

Taking care of tunes, head honcho himself Richy Ahmed will be playing an extended set. accompanied by the exacting musical talent Mathew Jonson with a distinctive live show. The pure DJ Rossko will give a display of his timeless musical breadth, together with Balearic aficionado Ryan O'Gorman.

You only have one chance to catch the show, so make sure seize your chance while you have it. Early bird tickets are on sale now.

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