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Video: San Antonio's world of watersports

Take a virtual tour of the fantastic watersports you can do in the west of Ibiza.

San Antonio is a resort blessed with a beautiful open natural bay, the ideal playground for water babies. Dive into our video that takes you on a virtual journey of the San Antonio's fantastic and fabulous watersports.

Enjoy the video

You can be a real water warrior in San Antonio, from simply steering a sailboat to whizzing along on a speedboat or jet ski or exploring the marine life below the water's surface.

If you want a view from above, you can float through the air parasailing or rise right up on a jet pack.

On and around the bay, you can surf on an artificial wave machine or jump around the inflatable water park that is Ocean Mania.

To discover these great watersports and many more activities, you can find them all in one place at the link below:

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