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Pintxos and other food stories

We went to try San Antonio’s annual pintxos and tapas event across 37 bars and restaurants.

Pintxa San Antonio is now well underway with bustling bars serving up tasty delights every Thursday till the middle of April. We went to try out the skewered snacks, known as pintxos being dished up at 37 venues throughout the lively town. There are flavours to suit every taste and more substantial treats on offer.

If you fancy an evening of grazing as you drift from bar to bar then San Antonio is the place to be. On the first two nights of the event, it proved to be a popular way of meeting up, with groups of friends munching their way through the streets.

At €2.50 for a drink and pintxo or €4.50 for a drink and slightly larger tapas offering it is a great value night out. You could also select a more upmarket caprincho temptation. These are small dishes which showcase the creativity and skill of the chefs.

A selection of dishes from Hostal La Torre, Villa Mercedes and Tijuana Tex Mex

Choose from delights like salmon steamed in Thai red curry sauce at Es Verro, Ibiza-style calamari at Pizzeria Galeón, pork ribs with homemade barbecue sauce at Asador Don Miguel and many more.

A little further afield, Hostal La Torre offers a spectacular setting for a sunset snack. Cheese lovers should definitely sample the ‘Tabla' caprincho at Tapas Restaurant. Enjoy an Asian-flavoured mouthful and the vibrant atmosphere at the ever popular Rita's Cantina. There are so many combinations you will want to go every week.

Many of the traditional restaurants are focusing on Ibizan classics, sometimes with a modern twist. If you are pining for home, fish and chips are on the menu at Flaherty's Irish Pub. There is an array of gourmet mini burger options to choose here and a great tasting meaty mini-burger at Villa Mercedes too. Going further afield cuisine wise, Tijuana Tex Mex has some great Mexican inspired plates you should try.

Vegetarian and vegan options are available so everyone can enjoy a nibble. For the sweet-toothed out there, yes you guessed it, there are tiny desserts up for grabs too.

Temptation on a plate at Villa Mercedes

A little road train runs through the streets of the town between 20.00 and 24.00. Hop on and join the other merry revellers as you are transported to another bar for your next delicious bite. Alternatively, stroll along the marina and watch the boats bobbing in the harbour.

Some places are also putting on entertainment too. For example Rio Ibiza, situated right on the seafront opposite the marina, has DJs playing in its first floor club. Head there to dance it all off later.

Dance away those pintxos and tapas at Rio Ibiza

One important thing to remember is that it's not just in the evening when the party springs to life. Many of the venues are serving their offerings from midday onwards. Visit for a cheeky lunchtime excursion. Early evening is also a great time to stroll through the town's winding streets.

Whether your appetite is tiny pintxos-sized or medium tapas-sized you will be left feeling satisfied. For the discerning palate, caprinchos are the ones for you.

For more information on participating venues, caprincho menus and the route of the road train, simply click the Pintxa San Antonio web link below. Alternatively, brochures can be picked up from the town hall (ayuntamiento) in San Antonio.

explore all pintxa venues

The festival lasts until 13 April so you still have four more opportunities to sample the delights of Pintxa San Antonio. Grab a group of friends, board the San An express road train and hit the town.

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