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Santa Eulalia craft fair returns for 2017

Puig d’en Missa hosts the Santa Eulalia 'Fira Artisinal' craft fair this Sunday from 12 noon.

The beautiful hilltop church of Santa Eulalia, Puig d'en Missa is host to the town's annual craft fair, called ‘Fira Artisinal', this Sunday 19 February 2017. Whilst it starts officially at 12:00 midday, we have been informed that you can get there an hour earlier for a preview.

The fair, part of the month-long fiesta celebrations in the town, promises to bring a profusion of colours plus the sweet smell of hand crafted wood and leather wafting along as you browse the stalls. With the event designed to showcase the best of the island's artisan talent, you can expect a wide diversity of goods on sale.

Local craftsmen offering works made of wood, clay or leather, even those that make musical instruments will be among the 50 stalls at the fair. The event will also be host to organic products from local farmers. You might even find a good hand made local hierbas liqueur!

The craftsmen and producers of hand made good on Ibiza exhibit at markets across the island all year round, with many more of them put on during the summer, with special winter markets like those for Christmas.

You could say that the fair is about respecting and continuing old traditions. You will see it is also about loving the transport of the past with an exhibition of vintage cars, all-terrain vehicles and motorbikes.

You will also see people showing off exhibition breed Ibizan Hounds or you can practise shooting with a slingshot. It's all here.

Expect to see some ‘Evil Spirits' at the fair too wh,o will be parading around the church in a display of movement and costume. Dance group Es Broll will also be performing popular folk dance during the day.

Crafts, cars and a spirited displays of movement and dance - head to Santa Eulalia this weekend for a fair full of surprises.

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