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Ibiza Winter Diary - back to blue skies

Ibiza comes back to life with blue skies back once more, helping us enjoy the island's stunning beauty.

The transition into February has seen the blue skies come back. This is the winter we are more accustomed to. Time to come out of hibernation and appreciate the stunning outdoors whilst basking in the winter sun. Here's what went down in the last couple of weeks…

A ramble around Las Salinas

The moment we see the sun return in all its glory, we head for one of our favourite walks around Las Salinas beach. Starting off in the car park we set off along the beach and soak in the deserted scenes. In the summer, you can barely see a patch of sand for sunbathers; however, on this day we don't encounter even one other person. The sun twinkles off the sea and the only sound is of the waves gently lapping against the shore. We feel so lucky.

We pass by the small coves and at the pirate tower, we can see all the way to Formentera. Looping back towards the salt flats we are fortunate to see a flock of Ibiza's elusive flamingoes who seem to be enjoying the warm weather too as they relax with their feet in the water. We meander along the windy paths back to the car and then stop for a coffee in the sun in Sant Jordi before making our way home. Such a beautiful morning.

A sunny afternoon lunching

Beach lunches are a must during the winter months and one spot that never fails to satisfy, is the understated chic of White Eivissa Beach Club. With tables and chairs scattered on the edge of Playa d'en Bossa's beach, this place has nailed the ambience of a faultlessly long al fresco lunch.

We manage to bag ourselves a table as close to the beach as possible. Even in the winter, this place can get super busy, probably on account of the three-course lunch menu deal. Hearty portions of Mediterranean and Asian fusion food at a damned good price!

We feast on sushi, salads and grilled chicken and by the time we finish our dessert and our complementary shot of hierbas, we realise that we've been there for three solid hours and now it's time to get back to work. Time has no meaning with the winter sun on your shoulders and the company of good friends.

The arrival of the almond blooms

It is at this time of year that the more pleasant climes draw out the pinky white blossom of the almond trees that cover the island. It almost gives new meaning to the term ‘White Isle'.

Up near Santa Inés, there are just fields and fields of simply breathtaking blossom as far as the eye can see; the white flowers contrasting with the cobalt blue skies. We take a little pathway from the village church through the fields to meet friends for coffee in the afternoon sun. Being amidst this extravagantly beautiful nature makes me fall in love with the island once more.

Hustle and bustle in Ibiza Town

The Old Town of Ibiza comes alive as soon as the sun comes out and the streets are filled with people. You see the smiling faces of people going about their business, shopping or meeting friends and sitting on the pavement tables of bars and cafes.

Living in the port means that I am at the heart of all the action and every day I wander down to the Mercat Vell (literally ‘old market') to pick up my daily shop of vegetables for soups and fruit for juicing.

The old square of Plaza De La Constitución is the home of said market and is a hive of activity. Located at the foot of the rampart leading to the mediaeval citadel, this area is a thoroughfare for the townsfolk.

I then take my shopping and park myself at Le Croissant Show for a hot beverage to watch the world go by. I sit there taking it all in when two friends walk past and join me at my table, ending my reverie. That's the beauty of Ibiza in winter, I thought as I reflected on yet another serendipitous moment.

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