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Touring the coast with Kayak Ibiza

Discover Ibiza's natural beauty with Kayak Ibiza's winter weekly tours.

Kayak Ibiza is now offering two weekly morning tours on Wednesdays and Sundays from 1 February until the end of April this year. With more people wanting to discover the island's natural beauty, these regular low-season trips are just the job to see Ibiza's stunning coastline.

The first of the new trips starts this Wednesday 1 February, going past two islands steeped in legend, Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell. The tours are priced at €35 per person with more details found on Kayak Ibiza's Facebook events page. Keep an eye out for updates.

These kayak tours take you to some stunning spots across the island, like secret coves and beautiful beaches. You can glide along the crystal clear waters that surround the island, benefitting from an out of season peacefulness with summer crowds but a distant memory.

Each tour starts at 10 h and runs till around 14 h. Warm drinks and snacks are provided for the break in the middle of the tour.

The company uses closed kayaks so you won't get too wet, though you will get protective clothing and a dry place to store your valuables. They are also fully insured for your peace of mind.

Kayak Ibiza offers several guided tours that include itineraries that help you discover the island's natural and hidden beauty. Everyone from absolute beginners are welcome with short introductory tours offered, right through to the day-long tours for the more experienced.

With the winter weekly tours proving highly popular, you'd be advised to book ahead. For your comfort, bring waterproof clothing, wear shoes you don't mind getting wet and bring some spare warm clothes to change into - just in case.


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