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Winter Ibiza beaches: Es Codolar

Wild and wonderful

Where and what?

Just below the beautiful Las Salinas salt flats in the south if the island lies the wild and unfrequented beach of Es Codolar. There's no sand, just a beach with large rounded grey pebbles, called còdols, that is teaming with wildlife, including wild Ibizan Hounds, who drop down near the beach to hunt their breakfast.

Why go?

If you want to see unspoilt beauty and love nature then this is the place to go. It's in the flight path of the airport and in summer it's quite noisy, so the winter months are when you'll get the most tranquility. Because it is near the airport though, you won't see any big buildings obscuring the magnificent views.

Things to do

A buoyant salty sea makes this place a great place to swim, though never if there are too many waves as the seabed is rocky for the first few metres before reaching the sandy bottom. Experienced surfers use this beach too as well as lovers of birds and with it being right next to the Las Salinas Natural Park, expect a varied amount of species. It is also a great place to come for long walks among wild beauty and you will see plenty of people with dogs doing just that. Canines are optional though, so don't let that stop you. Scores of plane spotters love this beach, especially in summer and if that is you, take a good camera.

How to get there

You will need a car to get here, head past the airport in the direction of Cala Jondal and before Sa Caleta. You'll come to a small supermarket in the left after which you turn left. Note that the car park before the barrier where the beach begins is the only place you are allowed to park.

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WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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