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A new look for Vara de Rey, Ibiza

Central plaza to become traffic-free

Anyone taking a walk recently in Ibiza Town, will have seen that its central promenade, Vara de Rey, is undergoing a facelift. This is good news for everyone as the city is pedestrianising the area to take away the traffic and ensure that more people enjoy this pretty World Heritage site, named after one of Ibiza's most famous sons, General Joaquín Vara de Rey.

The Vara de Rey walkway is much loved by residents and tourists alike and is a central connecting point between the harbour, the town centre and the medieval citadel, Dalt Vila. The change will also see upgrades to the neighbouring spaces of Plaza del Parque and the area below the citadel walls next to it.

Photo: Steffi 2013The changes are scheduled to be completed by April 2017, which will see a much more easily accessible and ‘people friendly' zone, plus the Ibiza Town Council will be adding a bike route in the area and will increase options for mobility. It is hoped that the area will start to attract more families with children, who without cars and lorries, will be able to enjoy the updated promenade with fewer distractions. More trees will be planted and to retain the area's distinct and historical look existing stone pavings and blocks will be re-used.

With a record number of tourists of over seven million this year, Ibiza keeps on growing as a holiday destination and the island continues to make positive changes to increase the town's attractiveness. Most recently, the harbour area next to the Old Town was pedestrianised in 2015 with a wide walkway and more space given over to the outside area of the bars and restaurants next to it - something which has proved very popular with visitors.

Ibiza continues to evolve and change and we hope that these new reforms help its capital to rise and then shine even more.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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