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Ibiza Spotlight Restaurant Guide makes choosing easy

New easy-to-use resource

Choosing a place to eat just got easier with the launch of the Ibiza Spotlight Restaurant Guide, a new comprehensive online resource to the best places to get a bite to eat. You can filter your search by types of cuisine, ambience and location, so that wherever you are on the island, you'll find a restaurant that's just right for you.

The new guide features page profiles on each restaurant with a geo-locational map that you can use with Google Maps on your mobile, tablet or laptop, and at a glance, indicates items like pricing, availability or disabled facilities and whether there is car parking. There's also a booking form that connects you to your preferred restaurant allowing you to make direct booking requests.

Our new restaurant guide gives you a range of easy-to-use features, including:

  • Location search: from Ibiza Town to San Antonio Bay, you can search on restaurants in a particular locality, so that wherever you are, you can find a place near you
  • Cuisine search: quickly see what you want in our new food category filter where you can find everything from tapas to take-away as well as a breakdown of places for breakfast, snack food or traditional Ibiza fare
  • Ambience: if you are looking for a great place to chill out or a romantic spot to take your lover, you can quickly find the right venue - you can also search on great places for music, family-friendly restaurants and more.
  • Interactive map: includes island map showing all restaurant locations so you can pinpoint what's around you
  • Browse in three languages: English, Spanish and German
  • Real time opening and closing hours: See exactly which restaurants are open right now and their seasonal open / closing dates.

Where available, restaurant page profiles include the latest news and reviews from Ibiza Spotlight, so you get the most accurate and up-to-date information possible on your venue. With so many restaurants on the island, our guide makes it much easy to find exactly what you need and when you want it.

We invite you to try the Ibiza Spotlight Restaurant Guide to make your your daily meal choices on the island a cinch. Check out the link below and discover the new easy way to find your perfect Ibiza restaurant.

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WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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