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New fusion cuisine at Ibiza Gran Hotel

"Japeruvian" combo

As it enters its ninth season, the deluxe five star the Ibiza Gran Hotel in Ibiza Town, continues to innovate with a new fusion food offering in its restaurant La Gaia which combines fashionable Peruvian food with Japanese. Dubbed “Japeruvian”, this new food style brings together some of the best-known dishes of these cuisines, blending them with special signature touches.

This novel concept comes after months of development during the Ibiza winter under the watchful eye of executive head chef, Oscar Molina who has hired expert chefs in the Japanese and Peruvian food world to ensure authenticity. You can expect proper, quality ingredients and as well as a commanding respect for both cuisines creating a highly original experience.

The ingredients of this fusion food have also inspired the cocktail list with spirits and exotic cocktail ingredients. Try the Chilcano, combining pisco, lime juice and ginger beer or plump for a Sake Mate with umeshu liqeur, mate syrup, lime juice and bitters and explore a new set of cocktail flavours.

You will see the food being prepared by the ceviche and sushi expert cutters at the end of the room, whilst you gaze on the magnificent artwork created by Danish artist Katrin Kirk that covers the back wall. Entitled “Life”, you will see a total of 29 wire mesh jellyfish hanging from the ceiling dancing in the light and shadows creating a stunning visual three dimensional art display.

The new dishes are great for sharing and snacking – it's up to you how much you choose, but having had a browse of the menu, you may well end up ordering more.

Following hot on the heels of last year's innovative concept from the Ibiza Gran Hotel, the restaurant Heart, this new evolution looks set to start a new Japeruvian revolution. Be on trend and give it a go.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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