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Ibiza gets ready to Wistl

Find fun things to do

If you want a great way to quickly locate what fun things are happening around you in Ibiza, you are only a “wistl” away. Wistla, the new digital shoutout social app is now available on the island so you can quickly see the activities and events that you love to do on the White Isle.

Once you've downloaded the app you can sign up to get wistl notifications on what's going on in Ibiza for a whole range of things to do. You can get invitations to club nights, boat charters, jet-skiing, yoga retreats, five-asides, comedy shows or live music events – what you wistl is up to you. By following an individual wistl, you'll be notified about the event you are interested in so you can join in and enjoy new adventures easily.

You can follow Ibiza Spotlight on Wistla in two different flavours: Spotlight by Day gives you a range of activities to do during the day, whilst Spotlight by Night will give you information on all kinds of things to do to explore Ibiza's inimitable night life.

A wistl is essentially an open invitation to do something fun with all activities and events generated by the Wistla community of users. With this new app, you can view a digital map of Ibiza with what's happening in the next 48 hours; you can also wistl your whereabouts to share with selected groups or the Wistla world at large. If you are heading out for some fancy cocktails, you can wistl that; if you are going to see your favorite DJ, that too can be wistled. You can even wistl about events coming up in the next month or two.

Wistla is designed to bring together people who want to make the most of their free time and who want a more fun, spontaneous and inclusive way to share the things they are interested in. The app is available to download to your smartphone in iOS and Android versions and in June, a new update will be launched allowing everyone who joins to add images and videos to their wistls.

Get on down with the fun new way of finding out about the things you love to do in Ibiza with Wistla!

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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