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Ibiza's famous Medieval Festival

Step into Ibiza's history...

Once again, Ibiza is set to turn back time to the middle ages with this year's Medieval Festival taking place over four days from 5 May 2016 in and around Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town. For this 22nd edition of the festival, the action kicks off at Reina Sofía Park at 6pm with a welcoming parade and the official opening spectacle and Medieval Tournament, later on at 9.30pm.

Each year the festival attracts over 50,000 visitors and is a true highlight of the year. The event draws on Ibiza's rich history from its foundation by the Phoenicians from whom the island gets its name. Ibiza has been home to many invaders and all are included in the events. These include the Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and latterly Christian Catalan forces, which took the island in the 13th Century.

As well as the tribute to its past, the festival also celebrates Ibiza's UNESCO World Heritage status. The city is transported back to the Middle Ages with lots of colourful decorations and the enthusiastic support of the residents who don costumes from the period depicting their famous invaders. You'll see streets adorned with flags and banners and hand painted murals plus lots of market stalls selling traditional medieval goods, such as candied fruit, honey and exotic spices as well as jewellery and leather goods.

Each day there are all kinds of markers of the entertainments past with belly dancers, minstrels, acrobats, witches and wizards, knights and princesses, snake charmers and puppeteers and lots more. Children's magic shows and theatre performances will take place around the bastion of Santa Llúcia and Sant Pere and there will be various exhibitions with ancient musical instruments, farming tools and weapons and one display of the city's historical journey.

With so much to do it's incumbent on you to come and take in the whole three days of magic and history, wandering around the stalls and stepping into Ibiza's past. Don't miss out and book your ticket now.

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WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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