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Review: Amante closing - the embrace to a hedonistic season

A magical Ibiza closing

Frequently described as boasting the best coastal setting on the island, Amante Beach Club matched this beauty with a terrific summer send off at its closing on Sunday. Located next to Cala Llonga overlooking the stunning Sol d'en Serra bay, this eagerly anticipated closing party was one we just had to do. It's one of the most fitting ways to say goodbye to the season.

We got there early for the BBQ hog roast – delicious by the way - and to sink some of their stunning mojitos. There was even an ice cream stand if you fancied dessert! Starting at 3pm, the place was full of lots of children to begin with; there was a kids area for the little ones to storm about as the adults got on with warming up for the coming day. Shakatribe gave us some cool live reggae and the cocktails kept on being served to the waiting crowd, all with massive grins on their faces. Being here, you'd be smiling too.

One of the best things about this place is the multi levels of the space you can wander out to, making it a mini adventure. As day turned to evening, we watched as the place suddenly became thronged with a crowd of all ages and nationalities. This was a party of global proportions, quite literally. Even the kids were allowed to stay on into the night – after all this is Ibiza.

The music was of course awesome, with DJs such as David Morales, Ibán Mendoza, DJ Antz, Steve Harris and Stefano Gemnis. Then as night fell, Eats Everything came on and we all went a bit wild to his crazy eclectic mix of tunes, the crowd moving seemingly as one as we had one of our last nights of hedonism before the onset of winter. Amante always puts on a great show: we had laser lights cascading over the cliffs and together with some amazing tunes, you feel totally happy about being in this great place. Sounds, dramatic? Well if you had been there, you'd know I'm not kidding.

This closing really set the tone on how to do a party, so we're definitely penciling in the opening party next year, in fact we can't wait.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOS | Tasya Menaker

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