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Review: Magical open air meditation in Ibiza

A true Ibiza experience

One of the well-known things about Ibiza is that it has a strong alternative side that emanates most strongly from the peace-loving hippies of the 60's and 70's. That's what we see today, but the spiritual side of the island was recognised by the Phoenicians who buried their nobles here and the Romans who dubbed Ibiza and Formentera the ‘sacred isles'.

There's lots on offer on the holistic side of things on the White Isle, and one of the best experiences has to be the monthly Planetary Meditation events held in the South West of the island. They are free to attend and are aimed at all kinds of people, from those interested to try meditation for the first time, to the committed spiritualist; a recent one had a wide age range of people from age six to eighty – essentially it's a broad church. Run by Ascension Meditation Ibiza, which also does weekly meditation classes during the year, the event is quickly becoming an Ibiza institution in the short seven months since it began. It's certainly a real Ibiza experience and one to try whilst here.

Dipping your toes into meditation

All of us get sucked into the humdrum and the madness of life and meditation gives you chance to focus on yourself, or more correctly, the “inner you”, so curious to try out this group meditation, I went along with some friends to check it out. It usually takes place on the third Sunday of each month in the early evening and recently re-located above the Phoenician necropolis in Ses Paisses de Cala d'Hort. The space is made circular with a set of small stones and is said to be a place where natural earth energies converge. It's certainly a spectacularly calming little spot to come and experience meditation and particularly a group meditation.

We arrived on time and it's best to do so, so you get the whole thing, which lasts about three hours. I really didn't think we'd make it through, but I can tell you, once you're here and immersed in it, that time just slips by. We got started with some music, which gently relaxes you to get you into what's about to begin. Then there's the burning of sage, called ‘smudging' by Solara (aka their resident high priestess): it's intended to neutralise all the bad energies you might be carrying with you. Feeling suitably cleansed, I prepared myself for our guided inner journey.

Losing your inhibitions

Pete, one of the organisers talks about the month's theme to you to consider the journey on which you are about to embark and from this point, you are focussed and ready to begin. We worked in pairs to ‘feel' each other's energies, which you really do experience on an unusually profound level. It really is a step away from all the ‘doing' things we get caught up in. You'll be surprised and grateful for how the simple connection with another calms you and makes you feel an inner contentment. Then, holding hands in a wide circle, eyes closed guided gently, we could literally feel the energy going round. It's also the point when you drop your inhibitions and start to feel, truly, a serene calm.

At certain stages we are treated to people playing Tibetan singing bowls and hang drums, both of which release the most amazing sweet sounds and help you feel that connectedness with yourself and the ground beneath. Kinan, another organiser explains that the whole thing is about getting you to re-assess your values, being joyful and getting relief from the stresses and strains of life. He says: “It's about cooperation rather than competition and that person you're in competition with can often be yourself. Doing this helps you to confront yourself, get out of your normal zone and get inspiration.”

I left the session feeling a lot lighter a lot happier and very calm. Meditation has suddenly become huge and if you want to try it out for yourself, this is a wonderful introduction. Each month there's something new added to the mix, so each one is a fairly unique experience. Do try it out; you'll be glad you did

The next Planetary Meditation is on 20 September 2015. Look out for information, including how to get there on Ascension Meditation Ibiza's Facebook page.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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