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Review: Feel Good art café, Ibiza Town

A blast of positive energy and a breath of fresh air on the Ibiza health food scene, Feel Good art café it turns out, is very appropriately named.

Beside the big Apple store on 24, Ignasi Wallis, Ibiza Town, lies a sparklingly bright new eatery. It's purpose designed with a postmodern touch; bold, stark, chrome, red and white decor with industrial metal tubing snaking across the ceiling, artfully incorporated as a design feature.

“It's a new concept in health food,” explained owner, Jay, with infectious enthusiasm. “We want to show that healthy food can be delicious - it doesn't have to be all about what many see as just boring old salads!”

“It's all about making people feel happy. We want people to come in here, get good quality, healthy food that makes them feel better, in a fun, funky art environment with the very best in customer service. Walk in, walk out, feel good. Simple!”

This is a completely new venture for Jay, whose background is in business and finance. He and his partner Jess along with accomplished Argentinian chef Diego have dreamt up the kind of place they felt was missing on the island, the kind of place they'd like to go to themselves. Everything was bright, cheerful and energising, with gleaming counters stuffed full of healthy snacks, juices and shakes. There were even protein shakes on the menu for those needing a swift boost after the gym. The cheery, bright red staff uniforms featured positive affirmations across their backs and the place was packed with people there to sample a range of their delicious menu. Fruit kebabs lay beside chocolate hazelnut cake, gorgeous sushi, crispy empanadas with hearty, healthy fillings and really fat, bulging with goodness sandwiches. Mmm!

I wandered upstairs to find myself in a big, warm cosy lounge area, with an original mural by acclaimed Ibiza artist Jerom adorning the space. Vibrant, bold and immaculately spray-painted it's in Jerom's signature, hyperrealist style. A large piece, occupying the complete length of the wall, it provides a very cool frame for the gleaming new ipads, installed into the same wall for clients to use. We loved the fact that Feel Good are collaborating in the time-honoured Ibiza tradition - along with places like Bar Anita, Bar Costa and Can Tixedo - of cafés that support the work of local artists. Kudos.

Children too had clearly been considered. It was great to see a dedicated kids' corner, suitable even for babies with bright red bean bags and assortment of books, toys and games.

With a customer service ethos comparable to the best places in London, we recommend you visit Jay and Jess at their cool new art café. We're impressed. Get yourself down there and feel good, it's really difficult not to!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTOS | Jane Charilaou

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