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Review: Restaurant Seventeen, Santa Eulalia

Where can you find authentic, Italian, homemade, gluten free pizza and pasta, a warm, cosy atmosphere and a 2 for 1 happy hour? Oh and then there's the steak...

Restaurant Seventeen is quite a hidden gem. Tucked away on a sleepy corner of Siesta, its spacious, subtly lit, palm-tree fringed terrace along with its intimate corners and warm, cosy interior give this Ibiza restaurant a wonderfully inviting air.

Established 8 years ago, Seventeen is a family-run, Italian restaurant, with the kitchen presided over by native, expert Italian chef Renzo and the floor run expertly by his French wife, Barbara. Specialising in Mediterranean fusion cuisine, they're quite a team.

One of the first to arrive at 7pm, I easily found parking right outside on the street - one of the advantages of course, of dining away from the town centres. Whilst many out-of-town restaurants require a car, I did make a mental note that this particular Ibiza restaurant is also accessible to those on foot, being only a nice, leisurely 15 minute stroll over the bridge from Santa Eulalia.

Cosy and romantic

One of the things I noticed straight away upon entering was how beautifully the table places were set. Faultlessly polished cutlery lay beside sparkling wine glasses, tastefully dressed tabletops and immaculately placed furniture with the tables nicely spaced, allowing for a feeling of intimacy. The candles placed on each table added to the cosy, romantic ambience and as if on cue, a couple, clearly in love, smiled and raised a toast to each other on the other side of the room.

Settling down with a cool glass of crisp white wine, and nibbling on an appetiser of warm, homemade garlic bread, we perused the gorgeous sounding menu. We poured intently over the tempting selection of authentic Italian pizza, homemade pasta, delicious salads and their range of fabulous sounding main dishes. The fillet steak cooked in a red wine sauce served with roast potatoes, fennel and grilled courgette sounded particularly impossible to resist.


Barbara explained that we could either choose a regular base for our pizza or if we preferred, gluten-free. Same for the pasta. Gluten-free pizza and pasta? Now that's not something you find everyday on the island. Curious to try, we ordered a spinach and ricotta, gluten-free pizza. But first up were the starters.

A succulent salad of winter tomatoes, creamy buffalo mozzarella and ripe avocado quickly arrived, along with a sinfully smooth and creamy foie mousse, served on hearty chunks of toast and a sweet chutney that skillfully complimented the flavour and texture of the foie-gras.

This was all polished off, dear reader, in double quick time. Service was great, with the empty plates soon whisked away, glasses of wine topped up and a 7 minute wait for the mains. Perfect.

As we were waiting for our mains, the table of 6 beside us were served. We watched, fascinated, as Barbara brought out a skewer of fresh prawns gratinated in green chilli sauce to the table, poured Cachaca over them and set them on fire in front of our eyes. Holy smoking seafood! What a show!

Succulent steak

Our mains arrived and that was the moment silence finally reigned, as I sat, face contorted with pleasure, savouring this quite frankly, exquisite steak. Inside - soft, tender, beautifully presented and perfectly medium-rare. On the outside, an ever-so-slight crunch and a subtle taste of sweet, reduced, red wine sauce - absolutely mouth-watering. We did actually ask for the steak medium, but in the end, the way it came was impossible to improve. It's quite normal too, for some variance between chefs in what is thought of as medium or medium rare, so it's good to know the house approach. Seventeen's is a little on the rarer side.

The gluten free pizza was a nice surprise. Gluten free bread can be quite heavy, so we were impressed to find this pizza base, whilst slightly heavier than regular dough, to be still soft, light and with its generous smothering of toppings, seriously tasty.

Far too full up for dessert, (although the Tiramisu sure looked divine) my friend and I enjoyed a leisurely carajillo (espresso with a liqueur of your choice) and supremely satisfied, headed off home. To my utter amazement the time was midnight.

Ladies and gentlemen, Restaurant Seventeen is a gem. During the winter season, it's warm and cosy with a definite air of romance, whilst in the summer, the outdoor terrace and garden come into their own and there's live music with a laid back, 1950's feel each Saturday evening. They even have a special offer from 8.30-9.30pm, with a free pizza for each one you order. Nice huh?

Open each Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7-11pm all winter, we say go forth and check out Seventeen. Founded 8 years ago and going from strength to strength, it's one for the little black book of Ibiza culinary joy.

For more info or to book a table, just click here.

Quick Facts

What? Restaurant Seventeen

Where? Siesta, just over the bridge from Santa Eulalia

When? Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings from 7-11pm during the winter. Throughout the summer season, every day.

Why? Romantic, cosy and relaxed atmosphere, high quality fusion cuisine and good, understated service. 2 for 1 pizzas.

Average spend per head? You can get a special 2-course menu (drink not included) for €17 OR an average of €30-35 for two courses, a la carte and a drink.

Veggie Options? Yes, plus gluten free pizza and pasta.

Disabled Access? No wheelchair access to bathrooms.

Baby and toddler friendly? Yes, although more so during the summer when the gardens are open. Changing facilitites can be arranged.

Room for improvement? Erm...struggling...nope.

Top Tip? Keep your evening free, the place is like a time warp!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTOS | Jane Charilaou except for lead image by Restaurant Seventeen

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