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Insider's tips - Cala d'en Serra

A tranquil paradise for those who appreciate the natural splendour of Ibiza

Admittedly, we usually cover 3 beaches on our Ibiza beach surfing adventures, but in the case of Cala d'en Serra, you really need a whole day.

Why? It's a combination of factors. For example, the drive there takes you along some of the most truly jaw-droppingly beautiful swathes of northern coastline than you can shake a camera at. Amateur photographers and admirers of Ibiza's pure, unadulterated natural beauty, you are in for a massive treat.

Cala d'en Serra is a northern, east-facing, oval shaped beach, just past the tiny resort of Portinatx. We headed first to the pretty village of San Juan and took the ‘old road' to Portinatx. Just drive through the village, passing the church on your right and then take the next left. It's clearly signposted.

The key thing is to take this road slowly and with great care. There are twists and turns of deceptive difficulty levels which often become tighter and tighter as you get into them. We tootled along at around 30mph (or around 50kmph) and stayed mainly in 3rd gear. That way you get to really appreciate the stunning mountains and coastal scenery that surround you.

As you come through Portinatx, take the right turn to Cala d'en Serra. More incredible views await. Follow the twists and turns and after a couple of kilometres you'll come to the final left turn to the beach. You'll notice cars parked along the righthand side of the road and a very steep path winding off down the mountain towards the beach.

Park here and do not be tempted to go any further in your vehicle. The path is treacherous and it's very easy to come a cropper and end up stranded at the bottom with your wheel stuck grimly in a dust crater as it spins around helplessly to the smell of burning rubber. Yes, I'm speaking from experience ladies and gents!

As you peer down, a most exquisite sight awaits you. The colours are almost unbelievable. The bright blue of the sun-drenched sky, the sparkle of the incredibly two-tone aquamarine and azure waters, the lush pine and rosemary carpeted forest that encircles the scene. Wow, wow and wow.

So you've parked your car. The next stage of the adventure requires a hat, sunglasses, water, sun cream and a serious hike 10-15 minute hike down to the bottom. The walk down should be approached at a leisurely pace. It's easy to stumble on the steep, rough path. There's very little shade (hence the hat) and if you go during high season, the sun is blisteringly hot. You'll need to be pretty fit for the walk back up and we wouldn't recommend drinking too much alcohol once you're down there. The walk back up would be not be a joyous occasion, trust me!

Once at the bottom, welcome to paradise. It's difficult to imagine a more beautiful place on earth to be quite frank. There is one, tiny Ibiza beach bar serving up fresh sea bass, salads and home made burgers. They have only two tables. They will however, serve you at your sunbed, of which there are few and you'll need to arrive quite early to bag one, Ibiza beach connoisseurs!

The sea is as crystal as a sea can possibly be. There are rocks to dive off, fantastic snorkelling action due to the extraordinary transparency of the water and other than that, utter peace, quiet and the most sublime beauty.

This Ibiza beach is full of young, fit and healthy looking people, plus a fair few discerning locals. Lots of couples too as a more romantic Ibiza location would be hard to find. It's the perfect option for an intimate, unforgettable day out. Sadly, access for those with disabilities or mobility issues is difficult and pushing a child's buggy up and down the mountain would not be easy either. This, combined with the rustic nature of the beach explained why there were hardly any families around and then only those with older children.

The sun starts to disappear from east-facing Cala d'en Serra later on in the afternoon, so after a blissful day of Ibiza beach heaven, it'll be time for the walk back up the mountain. Please make sure you take water with you and take it slowly. It's a long, steep road back up the mountain. If you stop for regular breathers and take in the different amazing views that unfold as you ascend, it's actually a really beautiful walk.

You'll definitely need transport for this one ladies and gents, so as always, hire a car or scooter (or even a bike if you're super fit) and explore this most stunningly beautiful corner of Ibiza. To say it's worth the effort is an understatement!

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