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Bloop interactive art festival

Ibiza gets its art kicked at Bloop Festival’s interactive open-air art gallery based in San Antonio.

Anyone wandering around San Antonio in the past few weeks may well have noticed an extraordinary array of art adorning the sides of buildings in a variety of locations around the town.

Bloop festival is the first of its kind, an international celebration of art, born right here in Ibiza. The Bloop organisers insist that ‘art is for everyone,' and so, dear reader, you are invited to participate. Instead of you having to visit an Ibiza art gallery, Ibiza IS the art gallery. Just keep your eyes peeled and check the map of art locations at the bottom of the page.

This is Bloop's 4th year of celebrating surrealist street-art. The exhibition began back in July and continues until Sunday 24th August. If you fancy checking out some of their interactive installations, then pop by and visit the Bloop headquarters at the old lighthouse, Far des Coves Blanques in Sant Antonio.

The whole festival is free, indeed, the ethos of the whole event is about accessibility of art to the public by using public spaces as an open-air, free-to-all art gallery. You can also catch the Bloop team at various events over the island too, just check out their website for more details of individual ‘happenings' including sunset music / art sessions.

It's great to see the art scene exploding this year in Ibiza. Just to give a bit of context, we've seen live art on the island on at least 5 surprisingly diverse locations in just the last few weeks.

Restaurant Somiart in Santa Eulalia have live artists painting as you dine once a month with the art being raffled later for charity. Nightmares on Wax in Las Dalias had Ibiza's favourite street artist Chapter painting live at the opening party of Wax da Jam. Urban in Ibiza featured live art by artists from London's West Bank gallery and just a couple of weeks ago, I nipped into Boutique Hostal Salinas for lunch and there was much-loved Bristol based street-artist Inky, painting a massive piece on the side of the hotel. Boom!

So get yourselves swept up in this exciting island art movement and give Bloop headquarters a visit if you're lucky enough to be in Ibiza right now. It's the last few days of the festival, enjoy!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou IMAGES | Bloop

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