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Mind, Body and Soul - Unconditional Love (Part 1)

Carolina Corada, teacher extraordinaire in the Course in Miracles and the powerhouse behind the forthcoming 6 Night Easter Enlight Retreat, shares with us her thoughts on Unconditional Love in a four part series.

Part One of a new 4 Part series.

Unconditional Love is a Love not of this world. Everything in our world is conditioned and the sooner we acknowledge this fact, the faster we will go beyond it into an experience of profound joining with another. Yet, everyone feels that THAT Love, is dangerous. Have you felt it? Have you felt the Love approaching you and the fear that came with it? Yes, because unconditional Love presents itself beyond our judgments, beyond our fears, it pushes us gently into surrender, and surrender can be VERY SCARY. It resembles losing ‘control' and for the ego mind, losing control is not a loving experience at all.

I've realized through the years how conditioned the experience was. It was conditioned by age, gender, social status, appropriateness, beauty, nationality and a long list of ‘wanted conditions'. Perhaps this is the reason why we walk the world carrying an invisible sign that says:


And then, we pour out our ‘conditions' to the world so that we might find the ‘right love'.. needless to say… the conditioned one. We walk into a room and immediately our ‘conditioning mind' scans the room to decide which ones might be liable to be loved and which ones definitely not: the girl with that great body-YES! That guy with the very expensive watch-YES! The one with glasses-No! The fat one-No! The black l Indian l Chinese-No! The Jewish-looking-YES! It is all based on our past history, our family history and our future expectations. Not one of us has the same list of conditions. No wonder Unconditional Love is not popular in our world. And then, there is the idea that when we speak of Love, we mean ‘romantic love', ‘sexual attraction', ‘chemistry'. That definitely can never be Unconditional Love because romantic love is always ‘exclusive': it involves you and me … against the world with our very own ‘special relationship'. Well, let me tell you: Unconditional Love is NOT about ‘special relationships'.

How many times in your life have you restricted the flow of Unconditional Love because the recipient's characteristics where not in you ‘List of Conditions'? How many times were your characteristics not in someone else's ‘List of Conditions'? And you thought, ‘If he/she only gave a chance, if he/she only looked at me beyond their preferences and discovered who I am truly'.

  1. Unconditional Love is a mind-opening experience.
  2. Unconditional Love judges not.
  3. Unconditional Love sees possibilities in every living creature.
  4. Unconditional Love has forgiveness as its single aim.
  5. Unconditional Love is the natural effect of an open heart.
  6. Unconditional Love includes everyone and everything, not physically, but in the mind.
  7. Unconditional Love is an experience, not an event.

Why would you limit the experience of Love to just a few who ‘deserved' it? Unconditional Love is like a thought. The more you share it and allow it to extend, the more you experience it. It multiplies.

The ego mind feels that every time it ‘gives' … it loses, because the ego mind is focused on the physical experience. Unconditional Love is not of the ego mind. It is of your Higher Self (HS) and extends naturally in its realm, when accepted. It is as abstract as a thought and as powerful. If I shared a thought, an idea with you, would you say that I have less of it? Or would you say I have more of it, because now it is in the mind of two? And if we shared it with another two, would there be more or less of this thought for all of us? It's clear. You've understood very well.

Unconditional Love is ‘that' experience of going beyond the fear of loving -as if you could lose some of it if you gave it to everyone- allowing ourselves for Love to extend without restriction; without conditioning it to the physical experience, but in perfect freedom of extension.

I am willing. Are you?

Carolina Corada is the woman behind the very successful Ibiza Enlight Festival, October 2013 and invites you to join her at the forthcoming 6 Night Easter Enlight Retreat, Ibiza (15th - 21st April, 2014)

To listen to Carolina, please enjoy this YouTube video on Spirituality and Everyday Life

Photo credit: courtesy of Carolina Corada

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