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Ibiza Enlight Festival 01-06th October

The first ever Ibiza Enlight Festival is due to take place near Cala San Vicente between 1st and 6th October.

Ibiza's first ever Enlight Festival, 01-06th October.

Organiser, Carolina Corada, has been a teacher of A Course in Miracles (a three-part book that promotes reconnection to God without religion, but through the practice of meditation, forgiveness, gratitude, asking for what is wanted and communion with the divinity that dwells within) and has been living on Ibiza since 2009, running A Course in Miracles workshops here every three months since 2010.

She has travelled extensively, meeting lots of other ACIM teachers along the way and, for many years, she has had the idea of bringing all of these teachers together…not to run a specific workshop or a course…but simply for a joyful gathering and party. The Ibiza Enlight Festival sees her dream become a reality.

Carolina explains that the intention behind this festival is the releasing of differences and judgemental minds. When people from different countries and different walks of life come together, judgement can automatically occur as we tend to see the differences first. After being strongly guided to Ibiza, Carolina realised that this was the perfect place for this gathering as the island is symbolic of the coming together of people from many different countries, living here in a generally extremely open, accepting and non-judgemental manner.

The five day festival, open to both teachers and public alike, includes such activities as workshops, meditations, concerts, beach and pool time, and Saturday 5th October sees a New Moon Party, with live music and everyone asked to dress in white.

Teachers are flying in from Sweden, Spain, Canaries, England, Venezuela, Columbia, USA, Canada, Argentina and Belgium to join in this celebration which Carolina is dedicating to her host in Ibiza, who sadly passed away recently.

Accommodation is available for guests to stay for either the full five days, or just for two days, with special prices for people of Ibiza to enjoy the full festival, or to pay per day, without accommodation.

Full details of this unique festival can be found at Ibiza Enlight Festival's website here:-

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