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Review: Mel's Cafe, Santa Eulalia

Great food, great service, great prices, great setting - we love Mel's Cafe!

Mel´s Cafe, Ibiza is my new favourite place in Santa Eulalia. I´m going to be completely upfront about it. I´m in good company, because it's recently been quoted as Danny Whittle´s (former king of Pacha, powerhouse behind IMS Ibiza and 123 Festival, now Head Honcho behind Booom! Ibiza) favourite Santa Eulalia eatery too. There are good, solid reasons for this. Read on, Ibiza lovers!

Firstly, it´s right on the the beach, on the pretty Santa Eulalia promenade. There is usually a pleasant breeze, even throughout the fierce heat of high season. It´s people watching paradise with a constant stream of passers-by. Some taking their daily stroll, others swaying past on roller-skates, LA style. Others simply sat on public benches, quietly gazing out to the azure blue of the Balearic Sea.

There are lots of blue bays in the streets behind the promenade, so there´s lots of parking available, although do bear in mind that Santa Eulalia gets very busy during high season so patience is the key!

My Ibiza Spotlight companion and I rocked up one wonderful Ibiza afternoon. We were hungry. We were hot. We took a (comfy) seat at one of their cheery orange and white checked tables and Lindsay, their super-fast, friendly server was over like a shot. “Thirsty, ladies?” she enquired with her characteristic grin. A minute later she was back with 2 glasses of gorgeously sweet, freshly squeezed OJ.

As my companion and I checked out their delightfully unpretentious lunch menu, we rapidly regressed into happy teenagers. It unapologetically features all your favourite British, classic home-cooked food with lots of vegetarian options and a kid´s menu. Excitedly debating which guilty pleasure to go for, my friend went for a traditional, hot beef sandwich with a side of chips. Unable to decide between curry and gravy (I´m from the north) we had both! Attempting to balance sin and virtue, I went for a hearty ploughman´s lunch and a mixed berry smoothie. A mere glance in Lindsay´s direction and she was over to take our order. No messing about.

Mel´s has a kind of shabby-chic feel to it. Owner, Kate, has a simple philosophy of providing fast, friendly service with great value home-cooked food. Don´t bother bringing any airs and graces because they will be sorely out of place in this Ibiza Cafe. Kate and Lindsay give everyone the same friendly attention, no matter who you are and jokey banter flies around the tables, making you feel right at home. This homely atmosphere is the secret to Mel´s success and why everyone from Pacha´s ex-boss to the Ibiza Spotlight Editor-in-Chief loves it.

Well, a massive hot beef and horseradish sandwich arrived, with an equally large plate of delicious, hot, crispy chips. The curry sauce was, praise be to the dear Lord, proper Dinaclass curry! The gravy was thick and seasoned just how it would be back home. My ploughman´s came with a big chunk of real, British cheddar cheese, a big, juicy pickled onion (yum!) crunchy, creamy home-made coleslaw, a generous helping of fresh salad and a hot, baked baguette. It was like a really great pub lunch back home. Having lived for years away from such home delights, my friend and I were in heaven.

My smoothie was fantastic! Large, tangy and refreshing. We scoffed the lot in record time. It was almost embarrassing.

Despite being rather full, we greedily went for desserts. Who could resist cheesecake and Chocolate brownie? I was in the mood for complete indulgence.

What a finale! The cheesecake was a real, lemon cheesecake with a crunchy biscuit base. Forget New York style, this was UK style, unadorned with neither exotic fruits nor strangely congealed strawberries. Just simply delicious, lemon cheesecake. Pure nostalgia. Ahhh, the taste of home. The chocolate brownie was equally delectable and served with an unpretentious scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream. Exactly as it should be.

Finishing off with coffees and our one nod to Mediterranean dining, two ‘chupitos' or shots of local Ibiza liqueur ‘Hierbas', we bid a cheery farewell to Kate and Lindsay. I personally will be back very soon, as no doubt will Danny Whittle. Ibiza Spotlight gives Mel´s a massive thumbs up. See you there and don't forget to mention Ibiza Spotlight when you order!

Quick Facts

What? Mel's Cafe, Ibiza

Where? Go down the Ramblas and take a right onto Santa Eulalia promenade.

When? May - Oct for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Why? Because you want the taste of home.

Disabled Access? Yes. The terrace is accessible by wheelchair. Whilst the bathroom is upstairs, disabled clients can use the WC next door at Hotel Mar y Sol.

Veggie Options? Lots!

Average Spend? Great value. About €20 per head, including dessert and a drink

Top Tips? The tables closest to the sea benefit from a wonderful cooling breeze. Try a smoothie, they´re fantastic. Mention Ibiza Spotlight when you order!

Room for Improvement? Be prepared to wait a few minutes for a table at peak times. Mel´s is very popular. Please make it bigger!


To contact Mel's Cafe please visit the website - Mel's cafe, Santa Eulalia

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