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Young Adult in Ibiza: AcroBosc

From age 3+ to adults, Acrobosc Ibiza is an excellent activity park for all the family

Acrobosc Ibiza is a new activity park for all ages (3+) featuring acrobatic and balance activities such as tight-rope walking, zip line riding and climbing among many others. Based near the popular Ibiza beach of Cala Pada ( which is located in between the resorts of Santa Eulalia and of Es Cana) this new park is a truly new experience in Ibiza!

Getting there

As mentioned above Acrobosc Ibiza is near Cala Pada beach, specifically almost next to the S`Argamassa Palace luxury hotel. Getting there could not be easier with ample and free parking being available near the park. Acrobosc Ibiza is located 7 minutes from Santa Eulalia and 25 minutes from Ibiza Town.

Don`t have a car? No need to worry as bus 18B (Santa Eulalia-Cala Nova) stops right in front of Acrobosc Ibiza (stop name: S` Argamassa Palace), it runs about every 2 hours from the main bus station in Santa Eulalia. For more frequency you can also get bus 18A from the Es Pins restaurant, this bus runs every 30 minutes and gives you a very reasonable 10 minute walk to Acrobosc Ibiza.

Another fun way to reach Acrobosc Ibiza is to take the Cala Pada ferry from Santa Eulalia which runs 3x daily and is run by Ferry Santa Eulalia. 5 Euro one-way for a ticket!


Throughout my visit I was positively surprised with the amount of staff involvement and especially their respect for safety. All staff were in radio communication with each other and designed a personalized visit plan for every visitor. There were 2 level of difficulties: Blue and Red. Every participant first had to go through the easier Blue course before embarking on the more difficult Red course, this allowed the staff to ensure that the participants were ready for the more challenging Red course.

Furthermore I was also impressed at that every participant had to go through ground level training before embarking on either course. Apart from that all the trees were cushion protected and there were clearly designated no walking zones, this was combined with easily tagged marks for participants to see where to strap themselves. I was impressed!

What is there to do?

I was really impressed at the variety of activities available at Acrobosc Ibiza, from climbing to zip lines to tight-rope walking. There was truly something for all ages and skill level. The center is a great way for younger kids to develop climbing and balance skills and great entertainment for older participants. Apart from the infant center (for kids from 3-6 years old, the entire family can really join in!) and the ground level training course (realized before starting the Blue or Red course, whichever one comes first) there are 2 main courses: Blue and Red.

The Blue course is a very good starter and is easy to realize for anybody including the author who has a fear of heights.

The Red course has more difficult exercises and requires a bit more skill level but like mentioned above there is no difference in safety between the two courses. In total Acrobosc Ibiza offers a staggering 65 different activities (27 platforms between 2-6 metres high , 29 games and 9 ziplines between 10-65 metres long)

The Blue course is slightly lower at 2-3 metres than the 3-6 metres high Red course, but both offer plenty of fun for everybody!

Who is it suited for?

Acrobosc Ibiza is really fun for everybody whether you`re taking your family, your friends or your partner. It is even fun to go alone! I highly recommend this to anybody that is looking to do something fun and active in Ibiza and wants to allow his/her entire group to have fun. It is truly suited for anybody who is older than 3 years old regardless of their skill level!


I really enjoyed my day at Acrobosc Ibiza and would definitely come back, this truly is a new experience in Ibiza and I am sure that this will become one of the most popular activities in Ibiza for tourists and locals alike. The fact that Acrobosc Ibiza is located so close to the beach of Cala Pada means that you can easily combine a beach day with a visit to Acrobosc.

Quick Facts:

What? Outdoor acrobatic climbing park in Ibiza

Why? An activity center which is fun and active and allows everybody to have fun

When? Acrobosc Ibiza is open daily from June to September and the best time to visit is either in the morning or evening hours. Please note that the final admission time is 19:00.

With who? With your family, friends or even your co-workers, suited for everybody! Also a great activity for your next date, just make sure your partner does not fear heights!

How much is this going to cost me? Acrobosc Ibiza is very reasonably priced at 10 Euro per person for the easier Blue route and 15 Euro person for the more difficult Red route. Both routes can be done for 20 Euro per person.

To Book

Please click link for more information, maps and reservations - Acrobosc, Ibiza

Rupert T is our youngest reporter on the Ibiza Spotlight team and spending his summer exploring the island, checking out the best entertainment for young adults

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