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NoMan is an Island - Row to end HPV

Fewer than 400 people have achieved this but Olympic Gold Medallist Mark Hunter and teams take on the challenge in the name of ending HPV cancer.

On 22nd July, two teams of five amateur rowers will be setting off on a gruelling 200 mile extreme endurance ocean race across the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Ibiza.

Fewer than four hundred people have successfully rowed across an ocean, but the motivation for these ten novice rowers, known as the 'NOMEN" is profound; they are aiming to raise awareness about HPV - the carcinogen which causes 5% of cancer worldwide - and, in particular, its connection to men. This campaign highlights the fact that a gender-neutral virus requires a gender-neutral vaccine, and whilst it is known that men are equally prone to contracting HPV, at present only girls are vaccinated in the UK.

The race will also raise funds for the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation's programs, and marks the third anniversary of the charity that Tristan Almada (one of the rowers) co-founded with his sisters when his mother passed away from HPV related anal cancer in 2010. More than just a physical test, the Med Row is a unique endurance experience, representing the struggle and isolation that can be experienced by cancer patients…especially those with a challenging stigma attached.

NoMan is an island - Row to stop HPV

Joining Tristan on Team Isabel (named after his mum) is Dan Zelezinski, Edward Knight, Alex Von Moll and Chris Wardrop…none of whom have any rowing experience.

Team Danielle is named after Pierre Andurand's mother who is currently undergoing treatment for recurrent HPV related anal cancer. Again, with zero rowing experience, Pierre is joined by Pierre Lacaze, Andrew Toumazi and Mark Hunter. As an Olympic rowing gold medallist and world champion, Mark has been coaching both teams, but in spite of his rowing background, he has no experience in ocean rowing.

The race has the backup of a support team of professionals, who will be keeping an eye on the teams' welfare, steering them through busy shipping lanes, and ensuring that both boats comply with the race rules.

After 72 hours of constant rowing, the crews are expected to arrive in the Port of Ibiza on Thursday 25th July where they will be greeted by friends, family and supporters, so if you are in Ibiza, please do go along to join in the celebrations and show your support of this amazing feat of endurance and dedication.

Trackers on the boats will provide the exact time of arrival in Ibiza, and you can follow progress, send messages of encouragement to the rowers and make a donation via their website, Twitter @nomancampaign or

Ibiza Spotlight wishes the best of luck to everyone involved!

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