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Ibiza Retreat - Tekne Fitness

Tekne Retreats is the latest - and frankly super - fitness retreat available on the island.

Tekne Fitness Retreats are based in the glorious countryside of San Miguel, Ibiza. Offering luxury accommodation in beautiful twin villas and an extensive selection of fitness activities designed to build strength, stamina and confidence, we heard it was lush. So off we jogged to investigate!

Tekne Fitness - Des guiding Jane

Expert Coaching

I set off for San Miguel to meet with Des Aspill, head coach, charming host and ex-professional gymnast. With over 20 years of experience under his belt and a physique to die for, I knew I was in professional hands.

Now, it's not that I don't like exercise. It's just that my memories of gymnastics involve the sniggering of pubescent boys and the unbearable indignity of shapeless, navy blue gym knickers. I arrived therefore, with some trepidation.

Tekne Fitness - Villa

Great Facilities

The first thing I noted was the impressive range of on-site facilities at this San Miguel retreat: a fully equipped outdoor gym, large, shady matted area for floor work, a gorgeous pool, parallel bars and goodness me, a big trampoline! In the middle of the Ibiza countryside? Weheeey!

After being presented with a large glass of alkaline water (the best way to properly hydrate I was told by their on-site nutritionist, Zoe), I joined the group for a warm up walk around the extensive grounds of the Ibiza country house. This was great as it gave everyone a chance to get acquainted before the real exertion began.

Tekne Fitness - Group session

Fun and Games

What followed was an energetic and sometimes frankly hilarious blend of running, jumping, stretching and um, falling over laughing as Des cracked jokes and we all attempted to copy his slick moves! Although I definitely exerted myself much more than is usual for a Sunday afternoon in Ibiza (when even God rested) I am delighted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I felt totally at ease, despite my dubious gymnastic ability (or lack thereof) and had genuinely forgotten about the pure joy of doing a roly-poly! And all without a navy blue knicker-line in sight, dear readers.

Tekne Fitness - Macrobiotic Chef

On-site Macrobiotic Chef

Before I could say ‘sideways split' and most certainly before I could perform one, lunch was served. And what a lunch it was. Their accomplished on-site chef Cath had made a glorious, organic, macrobiotic feast fit for a king. We're talking: delectable home-made dips, crunchy crudites, veggie kebabs with smoked tofu, local chicken and lamb on the BBQ, quinoa salad and tabbouleh with fresh produce from the kitchen garden, fruit juices...mmm! All served al fresco beneath the dappled shade of the garden's weeping willow tree beside the cool water of the pool.

Tekne Fitness - gymnastics

On-site Osteopath

Once there, I had the opportunity to chat to some of the other on-site staff including Ranjith, expert in various martial arts and qualified, traditional osteopath. “How do you spend a typical afternoon during your retreats?” I enquired. Des, appearing over my shoulder remarked “Oh, kayaking, hiking, on the beach playing games...except when we take the yacht to Formentera that is.” There was a twinkling of eyes all round as I realized these were gentlemen who really, really enjoyed their ‘work.'

I didn't want to leave. I was so inspired by my Tekne Fitness experience that I did a whole yoga session when I got home. I was unstoppable!

Tekne Fitness - time to relax

It's a No-brainer!

I could bang on about timetables, options, the benefits of exercise etc, but that's not what this review is about. This review is about cool things to do in Ibiza. What could be cooler than hanging out in a gorgeous villa in San Miguel, with open, friendly and positive people who are dedicated to helping you become the best you can be? Eating zingingly healthy, delicious food and feeling, just a bit, the innocence and fun of throwing yourself around on a mat in a gloriously undignified fashion?! Then having a laugh all afternoon, whilst getting more fit, without even thinking about it. And all the while, learning about nutrition, martial arts and bouncing around on a trampoline.

Tekne Fitness - professional coach

Please! It's a no brainer! Des offers both 7 day and long-weekend Ibiza retreats, plus 1 day, non-residential fitness days (with a very decent discount for residents) are in the pipeline! They are planning cooking and nutrition courses too. Prices vary depending on length of retreat and time of year, so best to call Des personally for a chat. Tekne Fitness are the business. Highly recommended.

Quick Facts

What? Tekne Fitness Retreats

Where? San Miguel, Ibiza

When? All year round

Why? Because you want to enjoy the best of Ibiza and the best of yourself, receive expert guidance, in a gorgeous place, eating fantastic food, whilst having a rompingly good time!

Cost? Contact Des for details and prices -

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