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Exploring Ibiza - Cala Leña Market

In our Summer Series, Exploring Ibiza, we take a closer look at the very friendly but often overlooked Cala Leña Market

One of Ibiza's lovelier beaches, Cala Leña is about 10 minutes drive from San Carlos in the famously lush north of the island. Their weekly second-hand Sunday market takes place up in the surrounding hills. We at Ibiza Spotlight heard that it was a great day out. So, in constant search of new and interesting activities for our readers, one sunny Sunday afternoon, off we went to investigate!

It's a gorgeous drive by the way, passing through the wonderfully quaint village of San Carlos and the surrounding mountains full of wild flowers and almond trees.

Like many people, we took the turning for the beach off the San Carlos road. Caution! If you don't fancy a fairly strenuous 10 minute hike uphill, then don't take the turning for Cala Leña beach. Instead take the turning about 10 metres afterwards; it'll lead you straight up to the market!

Exploring Ibiza - Cala Leña Market - stalls

We began in the bar (of course)! The paella there is something of a legend in Ibiza. For the princely sum of €8 per person, we were presented with huge, hearty portions. Packed generously with delicious seafood and chicken, the massive portions were fit for a ravenous herd of wildebeest. Ok it's a slight exaggeration but really, they gave us a lot of food!

Add a large glass of red wine for an almost saintly €2 and hey, the afternoon was looking good already!

The Sunday market offered a colourful spectacle full of local characters mixing merrily with tourists and hippies. Children happily ran around the well-equipped play zone, laughing excitedly in a noisy mix of languages, completely unconcerned by the hustle and bustle of market business.

Exploring Ibiza - Cala Leña Market - live music

There were a vibrant variety of stalls selling all kinds of wares, from second-hand clothes (the majority) to furniture, books, antiques, jewellery, vintage sun-glasses and everything in-between.

Lots of the traders had been on the island for many years and I saw lots of real quality, hand-made items for sale too. Look out for Gitta, 28 years in Ibiza with a charming selection of hand-knitted bags and pouches. And Marcelo, with his finely crafted hand-made leather belts and bracelets, curiously side-by-side with antique cameras and accessories.

I wandered on, leaving my companion, the photographer, dribbling happily over vintage photography equipment. A lively guitar/vocal performance was creating some excitement on the impromptu dance-floor. I grinned to see various traders leaping enthusiastically from behind their stalls to dance together. In no time there was a large, clapping, smiling crowd of onlookers enjoying the show. It was great fun and the dancers' enthusiasm and energy were contagious, I even ventured something of a wiggle myself!

Exploring Ibiza - Cala Leña Market - endless goodies

It was getting on for 4pm and I noticed lots of traders starting to pack up so I decided to have one last rummage . Bingo! I found a vintage Technics record bag, perfect for my computer for...€2! Brilliant!

So, dear readers, if you are looking for a great day out for the whole family that will not break the bank, head for Cala Leña's Sunday market. A family of four could easily have a great day out for less than €50 including a visit to San Carlos, food, entertainment, and maybe even a bargain or two! Enjoy!

Quick Facts

What? Cala Leña market.

Where? San Carlos, then turn right at Anita's bar. After 3 or 4 kilometres, turn right for Cala Leña market (a few metres after the turn off for Cala Leña beach)

When? Every Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Why? Great day out for the whole family

How much? €10-€15 per adult including food and drinks

Disabled access? Regrettably not.

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