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A Question of Tourism

Every year our local newspaper the Diario de Ibiza

Every year our local newspaper the Diario de Ibiza publishes a selection of the most hilarious questions posed to our tourist information officers during the season.

It seems incredible in the days of free education for all and the information superhighway speeding through everyone's living rooms, that folk coming on holiday to Ibiza haven't got a clue where they are.

Geographical howlers include daft questions about how to get to Fuertaventura, (an island in the Canaries) what time the bus leaves for Es Palmador (a small island surrounded by gallons of sea water) and can you get a train to Barcelona (a large city about 150 nautical miles across the Mediterranean Sea)

Requests for other pieces of vital information without which a holiday would be a total failure include; What time do the close the gates of Dalt Vila? How many rectangular stones are used in the walls? Do they speak Spanish in Formentera? Where is the entrance to the Ibiza Metro (underground)? Is there a map showing all Ibiza's cemeteries? And finally, in San Antonio, Is the 'egg' on wheels?

Who'd be a tourist information officer?

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