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Ibiza Diving Sensation - Don Pedro Opens

Remember a year ago when a merchant ship, the Don Pedro sank?

Remember a year ago when a merchant ship, the Don Pedro, sank off Ibiza after colliding with the small island of Es Dau Gros?

It's a distant memory now but the story of the Don Pedro just goes to prove that the expression 'every black cloud has a silver lining' is true. The 140 metre hulk of the vessel now lies at a depth of 25 to 43 metres on the sea bed and has just been officially opened (since 20th June) to divers.

Photo by A. Lippert

It's quite a unique attraction for the sub aqua fraternity as it's the biggest shipwreck in Europe which fits within recreational dive limits. However, access to it has only been granted to certain authorised dive centres on the island and minimum diving qualifications are required.

Even after just a year, the Don Pedro is already colonised by many of the denizens of the deep and has a healthy covering of undersea vegetation. If you want to experience diving around the wreck for yourself, remember to contact one of the dive centres with authorisation.

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