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Earth Festival Ibiza

In a triumph of coordination, Ibiza council has organised a big festival programme

In a triumph of coordination, Ibiza council has organised a big festival programme -Fiesta de la Tierra – around three big public holidays coming up in August. We all get a day off work on 5th, 8th and 15th August which will give us a chance to get out and about to enjoy the concerts, fireworks, and sporting events due to take place.

This year we're also celebrating the 800th anniversary of the birth of King Jaume I, in whose reign Ibiza was reconquered by the Christians. (Read more here: History of Ibiza and Formentera)

We've picked out the best of the events for you:

Friday 1st, 19.30 h, Reina Sofía Park (see on the Spotlight map, right in the middle where the street name Juan Xico is written, the park Reina Sofía is direktly at the old city wall): the Les Tres Bessones musical show

Friday 1st, 21.00 h, Balluard de Sant Pere (the northwestern bastion of the city walls, enter the old town threw the Portal Nou): Folk music and dance - €1

Saturday 2nd, 20.00 h, Reina Sofía Park: Street games and songs for kids

Sunday 3rd, 19.30 h, Ibiza town: Grand parade of horse drawn carts and folk dancing in the Vara de Rey (20.30)

Sunday 3rd, 22.15 h, Balluard de Sant Pere: Xaloc Jazz

Monday 4th, 22.00 h, Balluard de Sant Pere: Classical Orchestra

Tuesday 5th, 22.30 h, Reina Sofía Park: Concert by Diana Navarra

Wednesday 6th, 22.00 h, Reina Sofía Park: Ibiza Symphony Orchestra

Thursday 7th, 21.30 h, Reina Sofía Park:”Els Pets” Concert (Rock, garage)

Friday 8th, 00.00 h, Port of Ibiza: Fireworks display to celebrate the conquest of Ibiza (Please note: The whole island will be there, if you come by car, come early to find a parking place. Park as far away from the center as possible, because after the firework there will be long traffic jams, when everyone wants to go home. Best to come by taxi, bus or one of the organised excursions - ask at the reception of your hotel!)

Saturday 9th, 21.00 h, Town Hall Cloister (see Spotlight map, within the city walls at the letter D): Choral concert

Tuesday 12th 22.00 h, Town hall Cloister: Opera Night - €25

Thursday 14th, 22.00 h, Town hall Cloister: Opera Night -€25

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